Kurage Crisis


All Lt's must Die

Combined Army
VS Haqqislam
Russell Hart

We hadn’t played each other for quite a while so we were keen to make up for it.

Having won the roll off my opponent decided to choose sides and make me deploy first so of course I went first.

My first turn was fairly uninspiring, the M droneoved up and tried to take out one of his link team members that were covering my Rodok HMG in addition to Az Rail so I had to take him out to give my Rodok a chance to try and take out the Az Rail.. I lost the Ftf and went down, so I sent in the slave drone and brought him back up.
The M drone tried again hit this time succeeded and managed to take out that link member which allowed my Rodok some freedom
Having spent the remained of that groups orders and only able to take out one wound off him sucked but it was something.
My second order group only managed to move up and roll on panopolies once with Raktorak having gotten mimetism for him.

Russell went second and he wanted to take out my Rodok hmg and my q drone with plasma so he shot both with his Az Rail… Unfortunately even though he took out my q drone my rodok and M drone in aro killed his Az Rail straight off the board. The rest of his turn was fairly quiet except moving some people up and actually managing to take out my Rodok HMG with reformed link and Hrl.. Curse you.. But then decided to bunch a group together up top as in the pic think they were safe.

My second turn I declared revenge for the rodok hmg, I reformed the link and moved it aroudn the building a bit then idled. Then on the next order he super jumped over the building and shot the very centre guy on top the building.. Russel decided for all of them to shoot hoping to try and take out the destructive piece.. It was not go be his day. Not only did they all miss but the missile launcher crit and then the template killed everyone up there.

Unfortunately I cant remember too much more but I managed to kill his Lt first turn and third turn, he killed mine last turn and there was a shotgun off in the middle.. Having finished with the pojtns we had it was a bloodbath and I only managed to win as I killed two Lt’s to his one as he got both classifieds and data tracker. I got more points, Lt’s and panopolies.

Great opponent

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Combined Army

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