Kurage Crisis


Knight In the Base Stand Together Complex

Father Knight Skoll
VS Ariadna
Commander Smoke

Commander Rodrigo smirked at the approaching silhouettes. They were professional soldiers, veterans who were fighting for their homeland and saw him as an invader. In a way he envied them, he had felt the same when fighting in the tight corridors of Morat assault ships, knowing that every time he swung his blade he bought a second of salvation for humanity. Yet command had placed him here, an invader on sovereign land , over petty disputes. Alas it was not Rodrigo’s place to know the will of god, only to see that it was met with great haste.

His fireteam and Brother Shaxx’s were in position , brother Shaxx was still experiencing some host lag from his recent resurrection but he should be up to snuff for this fight. The enemy however wasnt going to give Rodrigo and his men any time for warm ups, smoke grenades flew in the distance and the roar of engines brought the knights to attention. The old knight smiled again, traditional shock and awe tactics, these Ariadnans never ceased to be worthy foes. So Rodrigo brought his spitfire to bear and had it roar to life, so it could put to sleep the noise of the engines. Precise shots put down the bikers as well as the approaching irmarhadinos .

But such sagacity was merely a distraction, the true threat sprung from bellow, an american with a heavy flamethrower ready to cook him and his team. Thankfully they were able to hit the deck on time for the gouts of flame to pass over them, meanwhile brother Shaxx opened fire and managed to puncture the wearer’s fuel tank, sending him up in a ball of flame.

At this point Rodrigo’s pointman, Augustus, let out a fusillade from his boarding shotgun, followed by a cry to hit the deck. No sooner had the word’s left his lips that artillery rained down on them. Albeit they were unhurt by the barrage, the knights started to widen their formation to become less clustered targets .

On the other side of the barricade Rodrigo could hear Augustus continuously exchanging fire with the Ariadnan’s , however after a grunt the exchanges fell silent. At this point Rodrigo ordered brother Shaxx to mobilize his fire team and push forward.

Shaxx’s heavy machine gun devoured targets like a hungry iron wolf, Rodrigo had to admit the Ariadnan’s were professionals and used camouflage well. But the best camouflage cannot hide a man from an ever encroaching wave of lead. As Shaxx pushed forward into the enemy line’s the base commander, opened a line to Rodrigo.

“Father Rodrigo, the enemy commander wishes to speak with you”
“Then patch him through, it would be dishonorable to not entertain parley with a worthy foe”
static buzzed as the differing pieces of equipment , attempted to interface with each other. Then a grizzled voice with a thick Cossack accent spoke on the other line.
“You are Father Rodrigo da?”
Rodrigo replied
“It is normally courteous to introduce oneself first, but that is a correct assumption. I am Father Rodrigo of the order of Santiago”
the voice on the other end chuckled
“ahh, yes let me tell you my friend you fight very well for pano dog, I am commander Smoke. I have wounded and dying men, and while any of them would die for their country, I will not ask them to be executed today. If you can guarantee health of my men, I will surrender , if not… well tovarisch we still have enough explosives to level half base. I think it’s not such bad deal da?”
It was Rodrigo’s turn to laugh this time.

“Commander Smoke, you certainly drive a hard bargain. It would be dishonorable of me to not accept the gracious surrender of a worthy opponent”

Rodrigo gave the order, and the medical crews rushed out to the field. Not all would be saved, but Rodrigo could not begrudge these men salvation , men who had but one life to give for their nation and were still so prepared to lay it down.

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