Kurage Crisis


Misguided assault on Duban prospection site

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Father Knight Skoll
VS Nomads

Rodrigo had a bad feeling about the mission from the get go, an incursion in foreign soil, on unknown tactical grounds. To his further surprise he would find the defenders of the area all dead on his arrival and nomad operatives securing the area of operations. With little intel, Rodrigo and his men setup advanced positions to counter the nomad force.

Alas as Rodrigo had foreseen god would not be with them that day. While the nomad’s initial drug fueled assault was easily blunted by automatic weapons fire, some of the hedonistic junkies actually managed to shrug off machine gun fire. A further spree of bad luck was encountered when airborne troops landed behind Rodrigo himself , normally a firefight of such nature would have have been no issue, but Rodrigo’s armor malfunctioned , not only losing him the firefight but also failing to hold against enemy damage. While Rodrigo lay wounded further misfortune would befall his force.

Despite valiant efforts by Antonio and his magister knights to clear out the center of the field from the vile den of degeneracy it had become , the lack of communication would hurt the knightly force. Even so they would still push the field under sniper fire, Brother Shaxx himself managed to advance clearing out some of the opposition, but then his armor failed under unlikely circumstances to an alien in the employ of the nomads, and with their heavy weapons silenced, and their leaders wounded, Antonio opted to call the retreat instead of pursuing a fruitless endeavor. After all it was clear that god did not approve of their actions today or so many statistical improbabilities would not have happened.

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