Kurage Crisis



Father Knight Skoll
VS Tohaa

On Father Rodrigo’s orders brother Shaxx pushed onward on the approach. How the vile aliens had founds out about the schedule for supply drops on the base he’d never know, but his immortal soul would be damned if he allowed them to have the supplies.

Using his fireteam to climb the pillbox overlooking the drop off point Shaxx was able to not only secure a commanding view of the battlefield, but also to clear of some damnable missile launchers and sniper rifles. Shaxx lost count on the amount of ammo spent on those resilient alien bastard’s but it was church money well spent if it sent those abominations back to whence they came, them and their damnable pets, with the pesky habit of jumping in front of bullets meant for their masters.

With the approach guarded, the aliens decided to throw caution to the wind, using “human” wave tactics to try and break Shaxx’s entrenched fireteam. Some shots were even specifically directed at brother Octavian outside of Shaxx’s line of sight, surely in an attempt to pick off fire team members 1 by 1. However pano knights would never prove easy pickings for such tactics . Octavian even managed to bring down his assailant before he had to dive for cover due to being wounded.

But still the enemy had one last trick up their sleeve. A shadow seemed to manifest from nowhere, and albeit one of Shaxx’s magisters managed to fire his panzerfausts it’s way, it could not dissuade the resolute at marking him as a target. No sooner had this happened that rockets started curving from out of cover and raining on Shaxx’s position. While the majority of the team was able to escape harm, the marked magister went down in the rain of fire. A sacrifice that would not be forgotten by any member of the team.

The comms buzzed in Shaxx’s ear with a message from Rodrigo, the supplies needed to be collected now or they’d risk falling prey to enemy fire. This forced Shaxx to come to a decision, standing he brought his machine gun to bear on the source of the rockets. The poor alien auxilia stood no chance and was thorn to pieces in a hail of caseless ammunition.

With the path clear, Octavian and one of the magisters managed to secure two of the three supply crates while brother Ignacio captured the last on the far right of the zone. With Shaxx covering the zone of operations and Rodrigo bringing up the rear guard, they would guard against any last ditch approaches by the enemy.

When such approach did come, it felt completely halfhearted in nature, like the aliens knew that they would not be able to breach the impenetrable wall of firepower.

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