Kurage Crisis


Druze v. Hassassins

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Brawler Joe who wasn't actually Brawler Joe but was in fact Fiday Fred started the battle by shotgunning the opponent's only doctor. We will always remember you, Fiday Frank.

Then the Govad missile launcher launched some missiles at an Anaconda until it died of missiles. Then the Govad missile launcher launched some missiles at a Scarface until it also died of missiles. It was pretty sweet.

First Druze turn, the enemy missile launcher robot launched some missiles at the Govad missile launcher person but the enemy's launched missiles launched unsuccessfully and in turn the Govad missile launcher's launched missiles launched in retaliation to the robot missile launcher's initially launched missiles were able to penetrate the enemy missile launcher's launched missile offense.

On the Hassassin's second turn the Asawira team turned up the heat figuratively by flanking the remaining Druze forces, then turned up the heat literally by activating a heating console. The Govad team huddled around the fireplace and drank hot chocolate while exchanging stories about that one time they totally blew that guy up with a missile launcher.

The remaining Druze rejected the Govad's offer for hot chocolate and story time, choosing instead to run away and freeze to death or something.

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