Kurage Crisis


Operation: Defiant Hydra

Combined Army
VS Yu Jing


“The primitives are based here, at this defensive perimeter” The EI aspect shifted back, addressing its command. It manipulated the display holograph with one claw, showing a top down display of the target area. “The human forces are currently preparing to launch a counter-offensive against their own kind in one of their own, inner disputes. We will use this opportunity to launch an assault, sabotage their array and secure the area, for the EI.”

Deployment & Overview

An overview of our deployment zones, roughly marked. Table sides felt quite equal as this was a rather dense board, with mostly diagonal fire corridors.

My Noctifer & Q-Drone were deployed near my objective in order to ward off attacks, my Charontid took the southern side of the table with the Daturazi to screen. The northern side of the table was held by Bit & Kiss, the Umbra Legate and an Ikadron to hold the flank. Meanwhile, my Shrouded were covered across the centreline, using mines to slow down my opponents advance. My game plan was relatively straight forward, bulldoze my way to the objective and let my airborne Rasyat smack it to death!

The Pneumarch of the Ur-Hegemony, overseeing operations directly.

Turn One

Shasvastii Noctifers, preparing to enter hidden deployment.

My first turn was set up jockeying for position for the mid-game and any counter punches. Being so early, I didn’t have confidence in bulldozing through an ISS fireteam, or rushing straight into the total reaction REM. Instead, I opted to move more troops up to the mid-field, my Daturazi going first and throwing the obligatory smoke grenade, meanwhile my Umbra declaring Cybermask (Succeeding) and moving to the mid-field as a mid-game aggressive piece whilst also stalling any mid-field advances in combination with my mines. Meanwhile, Bit & Kiss moved up to the northern panoply, Kiss opening it and looting a HMG for his troubles. I opted to fire a very low-chance Pitcher at the enemy hacker on the other side of the table for a potential Maestro, Bit unfortunately missed. I ended my turn with my Bit & Kiss also declaring Cybermask to further stall my opponent’s advances.

Groundpenguin’s turn one began with his Kuang Shi rushing forward on their impetuous orders, taking more of the board near his deployment zone from me. One advanced towards the southern panoply, triggering an ARO from a antipersonnel mine, killing the unfortunate suicide mook. Groundpenguin’s Spitfire wielding Crane Rank took the lead on his Fireteam, advancing up to try to remove my Q-Drone from its lodged defensive position. Unfortunately for Groundpenguin, my Noctifer was also hidden nearby, who promptly fired a missile straight into his Fireteam. The end result of the FTF roll was the Q-Drone passing its single ARM Roll, while the Crane being splattered across the table, failing all 3 of its ARM rolls, some hasty movements to get troops out of LOF of the Noctifer resulted in more casualties. The turn ended more or less at a stalemate here, with the Rui-Shi on the northern side of the table, advancing under a cloud of smoke, then entering suppression fire.

Turn Two

A Kuang Shi encounters a Shasvastii minefield!

My turn two began with an approach for aggression. My Daturazi moved up to smoke cover the southern panoply, whilst my Charontid moved close to the building near where it deployed, however I kept him back as my opponent still had a hacker floating nearby. I activated my Noctifer and spent an order destroying the Rui-Shi and an accompanying Kuang Shi. I continued to push my Umbra further up the table, intending to try to flank the total reaction REM, however I was kept back by two more Kuang Shi holding the flank. Thanks to the carnage caused by the Noctifer, at this stage I decided to take the initiative, deploying the Rasyat deep into my opponent’s deployment zone, tossing an Eclipse Grenade, walking into base to base with the Sophotect and taking her head off with one swing. I followed suit by walking out of the smoke and lopping his CCW into the Husong as well. I spent the remainder orders eclipse advancing onto the antenna, critting the D-Charge deployment (with the remainder armour saves being passed) and dealing one STR point to the antenna.

My opponent unfortunately started this turn in Loss of Lieutenant, with limited options, his Kuang Shi pressed forward towards my mines, in front of the sea of camouflage and impersonation tokens I still had. One Kuang Shi opted to move forward towards Kiss and discover him, failing the check whilst Kiss remained hidden. The first half of the turn played out in this manner, with several Kuang Shi advancing – another triggering a mine – and discovering and attacking, rendering poor Bit unconscious. On the southern side of the table, a Ninja came out of hidden deployment and engaged in melee with my Daturazi, failing to achieve anything on the first attack, with the second order resulting in the Daturazi killing the Ninja (Ouch!), who then succumbed to a few bullets from a nearby Celestial Guard. My opponents last few orders were spent trying to Oblivion the Charontid, who luckily passed his BTS roll!

Positions at the end of turn two.

Turn Three

Massed Kuang Shi preparing for a counter charge!

Turn three for me started in a tricky position, with my Rasyat exposed to nearby counter-attacks from more Kuang Shi, I opted to start with my Charontid, ramboing him up the table flank to give support to the Rasyat. My first few orders resulted in my Charontid bodying the remaining Imperial Agent, the Celestial Guard before advancing further up the table to eliminate the final Celestial Guard near the objective, with me spending my final order placing my remaining D-Charge with my Rasyat, doing one additional wound to the antenna and ending my turn.

My opponent unfortunately, started his turn routed and in retreat, unable to achieve much at this stage, so we called the game here!


A great game to bust out my Combined Army after a long time playing Onyx Contact Force. My opponent really got unfortunate with my Noctifer deployment, as it completely blunted his link teams advance and really was a huge set back early on, especially once combined with the amount of area denial I had opted for mid-game. Combined with my absurd defensive saves on my Charontid on turn two it really made it difficult for my opponent to come back into the game, which was unfortunate for him.

Well played all the same Groundpenguin!

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