Kurage Crisis


A test of fortitude

FrKn Zenon Berg
VS Haqqislam


We'd just been sent through the ringer with ALEPH. We were bloodied and bruised and broken. Irregardless, it seems our melee would be tested once again. We were called to action the in Duban prospecting site were a bloodbath was promised. It was a commander we'd bested before, but just barely. It was likely they were out to restore their name. It's hard to get merc contracts if you're not on the winning side....

We were caught unaware as we were still responding to reports when the conflict erupted....


It seems our enemy was superb at finding my deployment weaknesses. A MSR got caught in 0 band and failed to hit an odalisque and died in return. My Peacemaker was then Imm-1, then shot with a BSG. My other Peacemaker lost a duel in one shot against an Al Fasid. The rest of Haqq's time was spent trying to down my EVO and failing! No matter though, I'll kill all my own troops.....

Which I promptly started to do. Thinking my link was broken, I used an inspiring leadership co-ordinated order to take apart the Ghulam link. Well, I dropped the sniper, but lost my own MSR and HRL! Joan then proceeded to KO (only) the ML in her good band. Then miss a wide open Yuan Yuan over 2 orders in her good band. Then get bogged down in a repeater launched in ARO, but still fail 2 ftf rolls vs the Al Fasid in the open in her good band.... It was special?

The middling

I did all the heavy lifting for my opponent. He proceeded to kill Joan who'd over-extended (but still should have won the ARO exchange....) my Teuton and generally not over-extend or mistake anything.

I did what I could - almost nothing, and waiting for turn 3 where I could either win by objectives, or lose less horribly. It didn't go well.

Dead man's ground

Kapu proceeded to kill everything barring Kon, my EVO, and a lone OS and lock me down totally.

I went to Hail-Mary and attempt a panapoly - and succeeded! Victory 1 for me. Oh, and I got my classified..... It was rough. Game ended with an EVO and OS with combi alive.... :(

The boring necessary stuff

Two big mistakes: being too eager to use co-ordinated orders with Joan; not remembering that Teutons don't have stealth and are VERY vulnerable to AHD :(

Against a top teir opponent like Tyler, you can't do that. Hard to keep my helmet on, but it was a game of failures so epic that it was easy to laugh :D

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