Kurage Crisis


First probe



Aleph side.
My side. Only two Daylami managed to infiltrate.

"Alright lads, nice and quiet" whispered Lieutenant Aviv. "No reason for the StateEmpire to know we're here just yet."

The troops around the Naffatun signaled they understood and continued to advance. The mountainous area in which Yu Jing chose to set up their firebase was not at all to her liking. But thankfully their Hunzakut knew how to find safe routes they could take. Maybe even come from an unexpected angle. She'd decided to let the Daylami loose but only two of them proved truly eager. The other three were bringing up the rear, still getting used to the cold. Maybe a little will wake them up.

"Uhh, Lt.?" whispered a voice over her comm.

"What is it" she quickly responded. She'd ordered comm silence, this close to the base there was every chance of being detected, but someone was obviously more eager than smart. "I've got movement. Heading in your direction."

"Shit. Do what you can to slow them down."


Before Aviv could do more than tell her troops to find what cover they could -and so close to the base- she heard two explosions and several gunshots. Well, so much for stealth.

"Quickly move up. Laaiqah secure the right flank!"

"On it" responded the Hunzakut. If nothing else Lieutenant Aviv was pleased to see that her troops responded well. The Daylami were advancing, bringing their panzerfausts. Laaiqah was setting up a small minefield that should deter anyone from pushing from that direction. Things just might work.

Daylami reveals himself.
Healing the Lt. after a panzerfaust hit her.
Moving up.
Bracing for the storm.

Two loud rifle shots were heard one of the Ghulams dropped like a stone.


Another two shots and one of the Nafattun joined his fellow. Private Durran, who was covering a corner near his two fallen comrades, thought he could see the shooter. It had some sort of stealth technology but he didn't care and opened up with his rifle. One burst, two bursts, three bursts. Finally he could see the figure go down, the cover around it cratered with bullet holes.

He fought to get his breath back under control, adrenaline surging through his veins when more bullets bit into the wall right next to his head. He flinched as shrapnel pelted his face and fired back. His assailant was a woman. Tall. Beautiful. Impossibly so even.

Even as he kept firing, he realized he was looking at an Aleph soldier. Damn, were they here to reinforce Yu Jing? Or were they probing the area as well and this was just a screw up. As he saw several bullets punch into the woman's body, he knew this wasn't the time. They could figure out who dropped the ball later. At least he'd....

She Aleph soldier was still standing, despite several craters in her torso. Oh damn. They both opened fire at the same time and Durran cursed as his legs suddenly gave out.

Lieutenant Aviv cursed as she saw her left flank was wide open. The enemy could just stride right in. Which was exactly when more bad news hit.

"Movement on the right! Cloaked silhouette moving on the roof tops!"

So this was how it's going to be, she thought.

"Heinar, I want you up the left flank, go and roast whoever is there. Everyone else, if that cloaked bugger tries to shoot Heinar, gun him down."

No sooner had everyone confirmed an understanding of their orders, that the Nafattun was off at a run. The mystery threat declined to shoot him. Your mistake, he thought.

As he advanced on the enemy positions, he suddenly an Aleph REM. It watched him warily but it didn't react otherwise. Thanking his lucky stars, Heinar prepared himself to rush whatever enemy took down Durran.

"Long live the fighters!" he cried as he ran around the corner, his flamerthrower belching forth a veritable curtain of fire. He could dimly see a female shape through the flames. He definitely heard a gun go off but the flames must have thrown off her aim. "Just die already!" he screamed as he kept bathing the figure in fire.

She collapsed to her knees, her form melting under the heat.

The enemy Lt. goes down.

As Heinar stared at the melted shape before he heard more gunshots and a report that Laaiqah was wounded. Looks like the mystery shape had revealed itself. This was news was followed by several loud explosions as the Daylami retaliated with their panzerfausts.

Over the noise of the explosions, Heinar failed to notice the REM coming at him from behind. It tried to shock him but missed him by a few inches. As he turned to try and disable it, another Aleph trooper came up from behind him and unloaded a full clip in the Naffatun's back.

With her troops bloodied, and any surprise now gone, Lieutenant Aviv wasn't going to keep pushing this. Quickly climbing a ladder to get a better vantage point she saw the REM and another two enemies. As they began firing at her, she took several shots at the REM and what she was sure was a hacker. Much to her satisfaction, she saw both go down. That they were Aleph didn't just then.

"Alright people, grab the wounded and let's pull back. Me and the Daylami will prove cover fire."

Well, this was one route they couldn't use to hit the Yu Jing firebase through now.

Their probing action completed, the Sand Scorpions pulled back.

Heinar got double teamed.
The quiet flank. Mostly.
Angry Lt.
The figure in the lower left is the enemy hacker. Also the new Lt. Good thing the game was over by this point.
See the Cola? At it's foot, hiding behind a corner, is the Daylami that took the killer panzerfaust shot. Poor Aleph operative didn't have a chance.

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  • Alexander the Great says:

    Thats is a real nice story!

  • Husker says:

    Great ideas here..like the table a lot ..feels like Dune!!

  • And even when uninspired you still make enjoyable reports. I know the feeling. I rushed my last one as well because I thought the window closed at the end of Sunday.

  • Garak says:

    I didn’t have as much inspiration for this one sadly. It was a good, fun game but my creative juices just weren’t flowing and with the report window closing I wanted to get this in, even if it wasn’t as good.

  • Myomer says:

    Rough, but good fight and better luck next time! Proper respect to the across-the-table panzerfaust daylami!

  • Terrordactyl says:

    What a shot!