Kurage Crisis


Once More in the B-Hut

VS PanOceania

**After Action Report of Lt. Morrison**

We were sent once again to reinforce the B-Huts for there were rumors of more PanO thugs trying to steal our goods. I hurried over there with a squad that included a Devil Dog team and a maverick along with my usual assortment of a Marauder, Foxtrot and Minuteman and my pair of grunts. As we arrived we could see that there was a party of PanOs checking out our B-Huts, and that was something we could not allow.

I moved my men quickly up field, the Devil Dogs moving to secure the armory while the Maverick moved up to try to secure one flank. The minuteman and Marauder moved in next and we had a solid foothold on the armory.

The next thing we knew a Father Knight was trying to bust into the Armory. He paid for that attempt with his life. An Akali then jumped onto the battlefield from above and took out our Maverick but was in turn killed by our sniper. The rest of the fight would go much the same. The Devil Dogs moved out of the armory and unfortunately paid for their eagerness with their lives, but not before taking out a Fusilier. I positioned my men to take up firing lanes, even braving a shot from a rooftop fusilier, but the poor guy couldn’t hit the broad side of a barracks.

The desperate PanO forces tried hard to get back into the armory, but they were cut down at every attempt, in the end, leaving just the lone fusilier atop a nearby roof. We took him captive at that point so that we could gather more intel at a future date.

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