Kurage Crisis


The Unnamed Report

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VS Yu Jing

Tabib officer Miriam Ben-Ali reporting on the last mission held during Kurage Crisis.

Our brigade was assigned a scouting mission to observe Yu Jing tactics during battles at Kurage station. Our brigade has never encountered yet the Imperial forces and therefore required Intel knowledge of their strategies and tactical approach. We have to admit that the brutal force of the army was impressive. However no matter that Yu Jing in its pride was thinking they have completely defeated our battalion what they have not realised is that we were surveying types of forces and identities of their commanding Lieutenants for future reconnaissances.

For this purposes we have assembled our best infiltrating troops – namely officer Al-Djabel, colonel Ayyar, one of the mystics from Khawarij order has joined as well.

The lessons we have learnt from this encounter were:

1. Our deep infiltrators and motorized troops need to be more aggressive and up-front with brutes of imperial kind.
2. Technologies like mad traps are, well mad and therefore requires more care in dealing with.
3. There is nothing wrong with hiding the troops if the conditions are unfavorable.
4. Kuang Shi are not as dangerous as they were reported in the past.

To conclude the report – although it was a difficult battle to sustain and report there are valuable lessons to learn and we surely are to implement the wisdom in future. As a people of faith who seek wisdom we may thank the our opponents for giving us a valuable knowledge.

Here ends the last log of the Kurage mission by Mariam ben-Ali officer of the Ghulam medical Research and Field surgeons group. Planet Dawn Orbital Station of Burak’s surveying and support flagship.

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Yu Jing


  • Geilt says:

    They were more like bullet eaters rather than rice eaters! haha Imperial Service bullet rice curry

  • Geilt says:

    Thanks guys. I know that i made a huge camel load of mistakes and yu Jing had a strong link team as well. Fidays probably should be more aggressive from the start plus I should be careful sticking normal units out without suppression fire. Anyway live learn 🙂 !

  • VicBanjo says:

    damn rice eaters!

  • Omx8 says:

    Better luck next time!