Kurage Crisis


A foul sandy gale...

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Yu Jing
Gerozilla Lee
VS Haqqislam

Phase 1 Late Report!

On the final days of the bunker, at midday, a foul wind was blowing through the bullet pierced ramparts, the eerie whistling of the wind ran through the charred ground, amongst debris of armor, building and machine, the colors baked in the sun were still sporting the seals of soldiers of all the human sphere, white bile from the combined army though not much was still being treated, sophos and our zhanshi Goncheng were studying it and came to develop a substance which could dissolve the shasvaasti embryo and spawn grounds, albeit very slowly, the half life of their bile is almost like radiation...

The wind and sun announced death impending for this day, and through the sandy gales a Hassasin Bahram detachment of ruthless killers infiltrated the premises, one of them a deadly fiday posed as a Helpless Yu Jing Civilian in the ramparts.

Agent Lee ordered his rescue, and the parties' Judicial Watch was movilized along with some agents, Xi Zhuang always volunteering to strike down his dire foe, leila shariff whom was spotted among the outer rim with a squad of Ghulams, Major Lunah announced that she would accompany us, she had some scores to settle as well, sending something was amiss, the Bao interceded and brought his watchful eyes, that civilian was not right and neither was Lunah volunteering for defense duty which she can be quite excempt from, Sophos gleefully joined our forces, "to keep them safe" she said, bringing along REM and a Yudbot.

The Pilots in the battery must be having a hard time, as a Su Jian Pilot was quite coercively forced to join the battle, from afar, but with a Tiger on the field...

Turn 1.

Our troops rushed to meet the Hassasin, and were able to secure a perimeter in record time, the Bao bringing his Biometric Visor, rushed to the Civilian.

-You were calling for help Citizen, however we must make haste, the Hassassins are ready to storm us.
-What should I do...Master?
-You'll evacuate the premises, towards the bunker, away from the battery, however there is a little nuance I must examine...
-My credentials?
-Not even close, your biometrics, indicate that you're not a citizen registered to be in Novvy Cimmeria, I'm running a second Diagnostic as we speak.

Screaming, the projected form of the civilian dissolved, revealing the sandy and olive colors of a hassasin, and gripped in an instant his holstered shotgun, he was caught short of the trigger, by the shotgun blast from the Bao.

-you won't get a next time to deceive us, Hassasin.

Triumphantly jeered the Bao as he curb stomped his head against the wall.

-I knew it, Major Lunah's voice broke through the comms channel.

And so she opened fire upon a Ghulam perched on the ramparts, his answer was fiery rockets, the first missed and the recoil of it made him blast away the rampart as he ducked under lunah's shot, his poor footing broke under him, and debris from the rampart flew like vicious shrapnel upon his face and torso, wounding him.

-I missed my shot, but the battery took care of it, softly Lunah's voice announced through the comms.

-It's our turn then, came the voice of Xi Zhuang, I'll kill everyone of them...
-Once the area is secured and we court marshall them, interrupted Sophos

Nonetheless the Crane Agent, somber and taciturn directed Xi Zhuang and three celestial guards, towards the nearest quadrant, the antenna was unmolested but a shadowy figure roosted overlooking it from the nearest building.

-Running sensors, the Coarse and scratched voice of the Crane came in as matter of fact.
-That's a farzan alright be careful, said Lunah.

The crane moved and opened fire upon the infiltrator, however his shotgun pierced his armor, and the bullets pierced the wall.

Taking defensive positions around him Xi Zhuang taunted him.

-Make another one of those moves and you'll answer to these guys here

He said as one of the goats activated the mine laid behind the building, breaking.

-Tiger, Kuang shi, roll over the left flank We need it protected.

After taking defensive positions, a doctor got the ghulam rockeeter back into action and then led by opened fire once more upon Major lunah, she intercepted a rocket mid flight with her bullet, the other struck the ghulams cover once more and the battery took it's revenge once more, however lunah too fell prey to the batteries wrath, she tumbled and struck her head against the wall trying to avoid the incoming rocket after taking her shot, she laid unconscious.

The Ghazi Muttawiah advanced upon our left flank jamming the Tiger the pilot had to activate auto-pilot before the signal was lost...

The Asawira regiment on the right flank advanced taking down a celestial guard hacker with his HMG, and followed by the Farzan which struck down another celestial guard, however he a mad goat jumped upon him, disarming in mid air, the farzan saw the slithering ball of what once appeared a robot goat fall upon him, binding him with adhesive and constraining him with it's slithering tentacles.

Once in Position, the Asawira took a shot at the crane agent, mowing him down with his Rifle.

Turn 2

Our lieutenant was stricken down, and sophos scrambled some orders into our troops to prepare for the upcoming coup de grace.

Her yudbot moved towards Lunah and she approached the tiger as much as she could, opening her doctor's holointerface, her yudbot produced smelling salts to wake Lunah, after it injected her with healing nanobots to treat her contusion.

-Ok Su Jian unit, you're cleared for repairs, her voice stimulating the programmed protocol of the Tiger.
-Acknowledged, pulling out for repairs, the robotic voice said, and in seconds it was beside Sophos.
-Poor thing look at you, she pet it's head and producing a signal transmitter from her bag, she touched the back of the tiger's ear, the helmet opened and the circuitry was shown to her, fried, masterfully and feeling no pain, Sophos took the fried signal transmitter with her bare hand, with the other snapping in the new one, a couple of seconds more of tinkering and the pilot's voice came through the channel.
-I'm not a cat ok, we have to deal with the heavy troops upon our left flank, Xi Zhuang can you do that?
-Get an LHost body ready...I'm going out of this one with fire and glory.

Recklessly he charged to meet the asawira head on, showering him with white phosorus and red flames, his armor melted and soon the flesh burned, however a shot caught xi zhuang in the torso piercing his lung.

The Tiger moved and climbed our rampart and took a shot with his spitfire at the Muyib escorting the Asawira, and spread his bullets to the the partner on his side.
Wounding the asawira, it caught a D.E.P with his face and the machinery showered through our ramparts.

Their second strike was a coup de grace, the muttawiah along with leila and some ghulams took down our kuang shi, and Lunah shot at her, missing most of her shots, leila fell unconscious as the treacherous rocks of the battery tumbled her to rocky beds once, twice, and then a third time, she received assistance each time she fell, and finally got a good shot at Lunah wounding her deeply.

-I'm gonna need a new LHost myself...she said lying down looking at the sapphire sky and the burning red sun and passed away...

-You cannot hold the area Sophos take the survivors with you retreat, that is an order, agent Gerozilla Lee's voice reached her comlog.
-Fine, I do like a man who takes charge...she teased him, and along with REM departed.

The only Survivors.

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