Kurage Crisis


The many shapes of the Jellyfish

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Yu Jing
Gerozilla Lee
VS Haqqislam

Phase 1 Late Report!

We had already gained a foothold upon the Squirming Jelly Fish, the Agent lee led that battle both in the field and the posterior diplomatic interventions and courting, an unexpected encounter with Ariadnan troops had to be properly dealt with...

That same proceedure forced him to go back to the Battery, Lafayatte and the O-12 Settlement, a non-aggresion pact was jeopardized during the scramble upon the tendrils, and the Imperial Service would not tarnish itself with undue blood on their hands, responsability had to be shown and the proper debriefing agreed upon with Ariadnan Authorities.

Nonetheless, Agent Feng assumed temporary command of the next operation, and formed a detachment brave and strong, among them many of the Shence Agents went smiling, hoping to get a fistful of rounds into dissidents who dared sabotage our entrynode backdoor of JSA's intel, an Immortal from the Imperial Guard took over Agent Feng's operation in the briefing room...

-Before I rescind this operation upon you Immortal, be warned most of our agents are potential assassination victims, the Hassasin Bahram troops have been taking note of our Dossiers.
-I am well aware of that Pheasant...The tone with which he spat the words, was bileful and condescending.
-That is all, a personal request...
-Only if the emperor wills it.
-Extreme Prejudice for the Usurpers and would be assassins.
-That is Adequate for us, the Emperor smiles on you, assemble a counter-intelligence team on the double, get those dossiers heavily encrypted.
-By your Command Immortal, replied Agent Feng coldly.

Turn 1- Madtraps are Proxies for Holoechos, sorry for that!

Upon reaching the controlled entrynode, The Immortal took with him an escort of Zhanying officers, expert detectives and warriors, they have dismantled more human trafficking rings than you have fingers...

-Don't even think of lighting up a cigarrette here Agents, it's cold but I don't want stupid mistakes like that.
-Understood sir, we had our share of cigarrettes before we got here.
-Smoking is bad and hazardous to your health, Sophos butted into the conversation.
-I've seen worse substances on the Yutang streets, there's no need to take my physical health into consideration, answered the rifle sporting Zhanying as the Missile Launcher escort took position.
-If you need them that much I'll be sure to assign you both some Kathartical therapy, she said in a sigh, you're so jaded...

-That is about right for low ranking Agents, came the voice of the Bao perched on the Catwalks.
This operation is practically a sacrifice doctor.
-Ohhh an offering to a God? Happily Inquired Sophos.
-An offering to demons more like...Shapeshifting ones...

-You see the Kuang Shi over there, and the Kan Ren farther ahead? They're as dead as you and me...
-You surely are the merriest group of agents I ever met, sophos answered was cold and sarcastic.
-We've got incoming hostiles from the east, Hassasins...we'll make em pay for the immortal blood they spilled.

Sophos resolve wavered for a second, as checking through the optics of her yudbot, she saw agent Lee, laying prone on the ground behind the Bao.
-I have his biometric signal even here, however I know where the real one is...she thought to herself.

The Agents movilized quite fast, out maneuvering the Haqqs, our left flank was completely exposed though.

The celestial guard in charge of our Kuang shi deployed two smoke grenades one to cover the Hsien's team and the other to cover the Yaokong.

The Yaokong moved into the nearest server terminal and extracted most of the firmware and data, under the cover of grey blue plumes of smoke.

The Immortal and his Hawks moved up into the midfield area, covering the Bao's back they too noticed Agent Lee's prone appearance, which forced them to stay their hand.

The Bao knew, he wouldn't get assistance, and decided to open fire upon the enemy rocketeers in the far off building, he died in the Exchange...

-All Operatives Defend! he barked the order through the comms channel.

The Asawira regiment is quite a nasty surprise, two of them came heavily armed, and without much trouble shot down another of our Keisotsu Liaison operative.

The Kan Ren managed to lay low during their advance, specially when the Ghazi came in screaming booting up their jammers and laid down smoke cover for their own operatives.

From our eastern side the Muyibs came, taking shots with their heavy rocket launcher at our Kuang Shi and a paranoid Zhanying, the blast hit the ground and plumes of fire formed a wavering cloud of white phosphorus and fickling fiery tendrils.

Two more of those came but the Kuang shi were agile if unsuited for long range engagements, they managed to break away from the blasts, most of them one died burning at the first shot.

Without more easy targets in sight the muyibs advanced and claimed a couple of nodes, moving up to
shooting distance of the Immortal and the Zhanying Agents, but took positions before opening fire, as they scrambled their positions, the Hassasin Fiday moved out of hiding, his Agent Lee image dissolving and opening fire upon the Immortal, two quick exchanges and the Immortal was wounded and the Hassasin lay dead.

A wounded enemy against a wall is the most dangerous kind, the muyibs learned this lesson the hard way, as their attempts of breaching our defenses was partially succesfull, 3 of them died from the escort party and the immortal himself, Missile Launcher's are quite a brutish but effective tool, and the breaker rifles shattered their flesh, unprepared for Bio-Tec ammunition..

A final suicidal confrontation against the Immortal took him down, heavily wounded he fell unconscious...

Turn 2-

We were caught in a bind when the Immortal lieutenant fell in combat, Sophos scrambled over near his position but was not swift enough, she couldn't reach him...

However our Missile Launcher Zhanying got beside her, readying his weapon for maximum damage output, he would protect her with his life or die...

Our Kan Ren agent, moved with his holoechoes to meet the Asawira head on, by distracting them with projected images he managed to surprise them with a Boarding shotgun blast to the face, one was heavily wounded by the breach, the other's armor tanked the hits, the Jammer of a Muttawiah Isolated our agent sadly.

Next came the Zhanying, who managed to pull of the last wound on the wounded asawira, but was promptly shot down by a Muyib still on overwatch of his position.

The Third strike on that regiment came in the form of thermoptic camouflaged assasination, our Ninja was bidding her time beside our Keisotsu Liason, and threw herself head on against the Asawira, surprising him as she decloaked the Katana sang like a motorbike when it bit the armor and flesh of the Olive trooper, his lung and innards came out as the ninja retracted her strike and the Asawira were no more.

Upon his next turn, The Ghazzi Advanced, and shot his chain rifle against the Kan Ren, whom answered with his chain colt, they both came out grievously wounded from the exchange, the second muttawiah came towards the Ninja, and thought he managed to isolate her, the ninja's bow caught his throat with an exploding tip and his head and upper torso were blown appart the Muyibs and Daylami opened fire on the sophotect, she was wounded, and the Zhanying hit both perched rocketeers with a missile blast, one of the came out wounded, the other ceased to exist as his blood and body parts showered upon the Haqq troops below.

Leila Shariff took a third console before she caught a Missile blast to the body, the explosion disintegrated her with a thunderous and deafening sound, determined to see their mission through a muyib confronted Sophos and the Hawk, he erased them both with a rocket launcher blast.

During our last Turn we tried but failed to capture a second antenna that would even the score, one of our Kuang Shi took out a Ghazi and the Chaiyi moved into position to secure the enemy HVT.

The Hassasins were forced to retreat, leaving with most of the data, it will take us quite a bit to dismount that if at all possible, nevertheless we showed them not to take the Dragon Lightly, they sustained many casualties, our survivors speared their wounded, and while Sophos was not there, the immortal was barely able to get out of Kurage wounded, if they had secured the area, surely he would have been stricken down as well...

-Kurage...he mumbled, the Yuandun will hear of this, there will be no glory or mercy for the putrid and bile creatures that nest amidst the tendrils of the jellyfish...

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