Kurage Crisis


The Butchers of Kuraimori make their Appearance!

Yu Jing
Gerozilla Lee


The following day, Agent lee headed to the Yuandun division mission control sector, upon arrival he was greeted by the same Inmortal that had put him to the test driving off the Onyx contact force from the Bunker.

-You're a Punctual man, I appreciate you joining us in this operation.
-I know my duties, but also no one in the agency or military would be as bold as to "refuse" your offer.
-Having second thoughts about this one Lee?
-None to speak off. He answered briefly and his comlog shone to life, notifying him of a message "Remember what you owe me agent. Mr. Feng"

The Immortal pried into the message through his own interface.

-Agent Feng, the pheasant, he has not been a thorn in your side for authority over the operations you've been give have you? said the Immortal inquisitively.
-Not at all, Agent Feng is one of our greatest assets from Yanjing, with an untarnished career, he has helped me in the past and present.
-And why would he send something like that to a superior officer?
-Well, the only thing he once mentioned, is that I was to keep her wife safe, another Pheasant Agent with another Untarnished military career among the Shence, is she part of the operation?
-Indeed, the most capable agents from the Shence are the broad part of the personnel of Yuandun, maybe you could make it into our selection group one day Agent.
-That would be an Honor...Thought my thirst for Vengeance on the JSA is quite strong, I feel it would be promptly quenched...
-Only your performance and not ideology or opinion would qualify you as a Capable Agent, don't listen to the propaganda, we deal directly with the JSA, when the diplomatic channels were cut by them during the uprising, every single civilian had their immediate support, such subversing tactics are a continued threat to our true duty, all of Yu Jing together, we merely answer passionately at their reckless assaults, like rowdy brothers who fight each other, they must be shown the Kuge and PanOceania are there merely to exploit them, the Kempetai are corrupt officials with tarnished records inequivocably, but we never answered with penal executions against those officers whom assassinated commanders of the Yu Jing under racist and terrorist influence.
-I Agree, if a strong diplomatic channel is to be established, we must break their forces until they NEED diplomacy.
-Enough small talk let's step into the briefing room, I hope you don't doubt anything on the battlefield, or I might have to strip your rank altogether.

Heading into the briefing room, the Team assembled was a small group, Sophos was there, and agent Lee greeted her with a hug, whispering into her ear "you never told me you were with yuandun", answering his hug she kissed his cheek and whispered "I never relay intelligence, that's why I am still here my Crane..."

Sitting uncomfortably upon the Chairs were a couple of Wu Ming, their faces were pale, and showed signs of fatigue and exhaustion, the bags around their eyes, were purple and black, they eyes were quite active nonetheless, and their power armor fit them like skin.

Mrs. Feng sat beside a Zhanying Agent both of them were lithe but strong women, true beauties to behold, Mrs Feng had wrinkles beneath her eyes, and her skin was white as snow, her lips red and laughing to the jests of the Zhanying, she was head to toe in uniform, her breast however was prominent even beneath the layer of armor, a single ponytail of neon blue color adorned the collar of her helmet.

-Ok listen up Citizens, roared the Immortal, our orders are to sabotage the regional operations control from kurage, right now the presence of JSA troops deployed is slim, however, they are enough of them to pose a challenge, and no other troops have been spotted in the premises, we are going in hard, Agent Lee will be the Lieutenant and designated Hacker and Datatracker of this operation.

-The Zhanying, answered through her helmet, is he capable enough to pull this off?
-He is rookie, remember you're here because I allowed you to join us, you were there in the final moments of my Brother's life, and only by that alone I have decided to keep my brother's final act from being in Vain. The Immortal Chastised the agent quite sharply.
-As long as he can shoot as well as we can we don't see a problem, said the Wu ming.
-I know that guy, from hearsay, my Husband doesn't shut up about his star pupil, I know agent lee is capable. Added Mrs.Feng

Now with that out of the way, the assault will be soon, Sophos I trust the dakini is operational and ready to be deployed with us?
-He is, I also took the liberty of changing the painting on his chassis, it shall be easier to spot him and not confuse him with the White of the JSA troops.
-We are also Taking a Pangguling Minesweeper unit and the Celestial Guard is there to provide support, I want Agent Feng, the Guard and the Dakini to be our rear guards.
-Acknowledged, their voices saluted in unison.
-Sophos shall assist them along with the Pangguling but don't get yourself in harms way, you're the only person capable of bringing us out of there alive, understood?
-I do, and shall conform to the standard protocol.
-As for the big boys, myself, agent lee we are the offensive punch, and the rookie will tag along, an exemplary hacker like her should make every JSA think twice before trying to mess with our suits of armor...

And with that they boarded the air transport unit, that quickly delivered to the point of operations.

It was nighttime when they arrived at Kurage, and the Immortal was the first to disembark.

Deployment-Turn 1.

Once all the agents took their positions, Agent Lee and the Zhanying were facing the reactive firewall of the station, and the Immortal caught the movement of an infiltrator.

-Get us those schematics ASAP, we're going in hot.

He leveled his HMG at the darting silhoutte and opened fire, the silhouette lost ground, and moved like the breeze, darting and dashing, it went low, then took to the air, followed by the barrage of white hot rounds, the silhouette had no choice but to retreat for the time being.

-That was an Oniwaban, masters of Infiltration, but the palace is never reached by treachery the immortal announced proudfully as the smoke from is HMG rose from the barrel.

-We are in, came the voice of the Zhanying, downloading Schematics...
-In order to secure the area we need to take control of the central antenna, it is connected to all the networks within the operational center, seizing it will allow the Yanjing to cut through these firewalls in mere seconds...Added Agent Lee.

An instant Later, the Immortal issued the order to advance..."No quarter to the enemies of the Emperor" the Immortal's voiced thundered through the area.

As soon as we took a step forwards, the Immortal stopped in it's tracks, his helmet gazing at the parapets.
-There is something there, he claimed pointing his HMG into the distorted area, my eyes shall disclose his subterfuge in an instant.

A Ryuken was hidden beneath the optical glitch, armed with a Heavy Rocket Launcher he opened fire against the Immortal, his barrage of bullets sung through the air, white, red, filled with hatred, in single file lines moving as fast as lightning, they caught the rocket midair which exploded like a fiery firework, the bullets beelined in an instant and caught the Ryuken in the chest, his backbone collapses beneath the high velocity rounds, and fell dead among the parapet.

Advancing behind the immortal, he locked in another target, a Daiyokai Dengekitai, armed with a Red Fury, he leveled his HMG and opened fire, the Daiyokai did not reach his trigger and the bullets bounced and chaffed his armor, mere glancing blows, but one caught his knee wounding him.

-You won't scape me now, demon the Immortal Taunted opening fire once again....

This time the daiyokai got a shot off which sung near the Immortals head but missed it, a second barraged pummeled his chest armor, which started to cave in and a couple of bullets went in, one was no doubtedly stuck in between the plates the other struck true, biting the flesh beneath.

-Let's make this quicker, Support group, lay down some smoke for us, they shall not strike back at what they can't see.

And with that the Celestial Guard moved and Mrs feng got on top of the building behind her, the Dakini advanced in unison towards the Antenna, the shots of a Keisotsu wielding an HMG, Caught him and the Guard, the smoke on the Immortals side was a dud, while the other one covered the dakini and ms feng, however her head and neck was turned asunder beneath the the rounds and the Dakini was also damaged, one dead one seemingly FUBAR...

Gritting his Teeth underneath his helmet, the Immortal opened fire once more upon the Daiyokai, and this time his barrage broke appart the chest armor, leaving open cavities on the torso within, the armor fell down from the impact, a dead demon...

-Time for some payback, announced the Immortal as he led the group carefully beneath the airbridge of the surrounding structure, there he got the HMG wielding Keisotsu in his sights, and trading fire, the Immortal lived up to his name as the bullets clinked off his armor, while the keisotsu had 5 new holes ripped open, needless to say he died on the spot.

-That's why they call us the Butchers of Kuraimori, no trickshots or fancy shooting, straight to the center of mass with a barrage of wrecking high velocity rounds and the results, you see for yourself.
He said to Agent Lee,

-Indubitably effective, though quite gory...

-Agent Feng, stand on overwatch, I do not wish for anyone to creep up behind our backs.
-And that remote should get here, there's a mine that needs sweeping...

The Pangguling advanced unimpeded to the location of the fireteam, and was however unable to sweep the mine.

It would have to wait, as the JSA troops were retaliating already...

The Keisotsu, perched atop one of the buildings opened fire against Agent Feng as the Kempeitai, Neko Oyama, and a Kaizoku, advanced through the right flank, the exchange was brief Mrs Feng got a shot off which missed, and received one square in the chest, her armor cracked as it stopped the bullet and she immediately ducked for cover.

Crossing the Corner where the Immortal and his battle group was, a Ryuken operative and a Kuge Delegate were waiting, carefully advancing the Ryuken planted a second mine.

On the central Antenna, a themorptic camouflaged Operative, registered among bounty hunters as Saito Togan, Lay smoke down, covering the Antenna allowing the rest of the fireteam to advance unmolested and hack one of the consoles...

Turn 2-

Mrs.Feng rose from the ground, red fury amidst her fingers, she levelled it at the keisotsu wielding the HMG, and let loose a barrage of yellow red bullets, that cut the Keisotsu's armor and embedding themselves beneath his skin, fragmented like shrapnel, filling all his internal organs with lascerations and deep cuts.

-Damn, Mr.Feng is right about you Mrs. you truly are an incredible soldier.
-I hope you're not just flattering me because he asked you too, I know ALL of his secrets and some of yours as well. The Pheasant answered angrily, and commanded Sophos to repair the Dakini Tactbot.

Moving forward cautiously, Sophos took hard cover behind crates of ten-fold steel plates, while her yudbot reached the Dakini, and producing several tools from his fingers and a cable from one of his "ears" he set to work on the damaged machinery, within seconds, the Dakini was operational Again.

-That Dakini is cleared, his Test Run is a sucess, declared Sophos.

Our Pangguling moved and was able to sweep the mine, the next time that ryuken girl thought about moving, she would have to answer to her own mine...

The Immortal gave ground as he peeked behind the corner, Mrs.Feng was Overlooking.

-Watch my back Lee, let the big guys help you as well, and you rookie claim that console already.

Shifting into our designated positions, the Zhanying accesed the Console, and rerouted it into our network.

The Wu Ming beside Agent Lee had struck the detonation area of the mine the ryuken left, however the thick plating of their armors kept them from harm.

-Be more careful tough guy, hacker devices are quite fragile, joked agent Lee as he dusted off his tabard and took a defensive position with his rifle.

The JSA acted once more, this time a Ninja appeared on the right flank, and moved into sight of the converted mine, stringing her bow she took her shot, and the mine went off, destroyed...

Without anymore present deterrents the Ryuken, moved and Placed a mine almost in front the wu ming and the agent quite sneakily must I add, and then opened fire upon the Wu Ming and Agent Lee, her Optical Disruptor Device was not trouble at this distance, the SMG and the Multi rifle mowed her down with ease, but at that same moment the Mine went off and the Wu ming was wounded, the plates in his armor cracked.

-That was one of my ribs, not the armor you heard cracking agent Lee...he announced gritting his teeth.

The Shadowy Oniwaban moved out of his hiding hole and beelined against the agents and the Wu Ming once again, he oppened fire with his shotgun, he missed however, and the Rifle and SMG Shock rounds killed him in the exchange.

Pressed to establish more coverage and maybe call for reinforcements, oyama led his team towards the console on our right flank, the Kaizoku was shot down by the Immortal, Mrs Feng, and the Dakini they secured the console in spite of the losses...

The Butchers of Kuraoimori stayed true to their name, and the Immortals never break Promises...

Turn 3-

-It's time to wrap up kids announced the Immortal.
And directed us to advance, the pointman assigned was the wounded Wu Ming, clearing the corner, the Kuge Delegate lay on the ground clutching her briefcase, howling in fear...the Ninja with the bow however strung his shot but could not release it as the SMG rounds of the Wu Ming caught her square in the chest, killing her on the spot...

Once again the Wu Ming Pointman advanced, and met face to face, sort of with saito, who tried dodge the bullets by obscuring himself with smoke, a bad choice, the SMG made short work of him as well...

Advancing with our Pointman on one side of the building and on the other the Immortal and the Zhanying advanced, we took the area around the Antenna, and proceeded to set up a perimeter, Saito had previously tinkered with the antenna, but between Agent Lee and the Rookie Zhanying Hacker, rerouting the information was done in seconds flat...

Oyama, frustrated at the many deaths of his comrades, declared that every single JSA warrior would die on his feet rather than retreat in the face of their sworn enemies...

One last strike he took, and Charged against the Wounded Wu Ming, thrusting his sword into his neck before he could react, he shoved the dead body into the ground and sprung once again, charging against the Immortal, which drew his sword, and for a second they engaged in close combat, Oyama fell unconscious from a strike on the back of his neck delivered by agent Lee, but his katana had ripped open the Immortals armor, a second later and the blade would have disemboweled him...

-Impressive, Agent Lee, and now that the antenna is ours, we should round up the prisoners and leave this place, we have quite a barganing chip with Oyama in our Hands.
-Do not let the most fanatical or infuriated agents overlook him, treat him as a guest or he will be worth nothing to our negotiations with the Hexahedron or the Kuge themselves, maybe Ikari could vouch for his safe return or conduct, but contacting the JSA directly about this would surely stir a second uprising.
-Well spoken, I'll make it sure that it is so...
-The Yanjing are already rerouting all the data from this Antenna, we shall have complete access to their files at least for some days...

And without any more words, the surviving Wu Ming took the delegate by the hand, and forced her upon her feet, dragging her seemed almost cartoonish, she tried to break free from his grip but the man was made of stone, his grip wouldn't budge and neither his intent, he embarked her on the air transport unit, and the immortal with Oyama over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes followed,Mrs Feng followed them, Agent Lee and Sophos Embarked as well and the Dakini, went into the cargo hold, along with the Pangguling.

-And now back to the Bunker...I probably don't owe anything else to Mr.Feng, and I'll have a ton of paperwork in the morning, but for tonight, we shall revel in our victory...for the Jade Dragon and Emperor! His speech roused the agents, sophos and the pilots.

Once the air Transport unit was on the Air the Immortal spoke with Lee.

-You've performed quite admirably, I shall add my recommendation for your ongoing probation Agent, you've shown yourself loyal and capable, as well as sharp of mind, Wotan won't spoil your meteoric career, I promise...

-I am honored, Immortal, it has been a great honor to serve at Zhan Huo! May the emperor guide our hands!

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