Kurage Crisis


The Final Assault Part 2 of 3

VS Haqqislam


My second game of the day against some crazy Qapu Khalki sorcery!

I got completely and utterly destroyed, only to be saved by the most random Dozer ever.

My opponent focused on taking me out, my dozer destroyed his 5 man link ALONE!! :O

and then I secured the objective.

Please enjoy the following show!

Murder train commensing

The murder train started by taking out my poor little Tankhunter, then they rolled forward taking out a Veteran Kazak and a Traktor Mul.

In the last stretch of my opponents turn 1, I managed to take out his link leader.

A single dozer took out the rest of the link.

I apologize for the poor images of this report. We were in a hurry because it was almost dinner time!

This video basically sums up the game!

Otto the Antipode looking to ARO on my dinner
Group dinner!
Spetsnaz went into a glorious firefight

Spetsnaz went into a glorious firefight while my Tractor Mul took control of the Tech Coffin and our MVP Dozer took over a sattelite

5-0 for Dawn!

My opponent put his warface on, and made the mistake we all do ones in a while. We go full assault and forget about the objective. I didn't mind though since it made me turn out the victor :D

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