Kurage Crisis


The Final Assault Part 1 of 3


A thrilling game, first one in two weeks. We had a fun day with a game-o-thon. I played 3 opponents, all wanted to play @PanoC, that is the reason this is part 1 of 3.


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As stated above we had a game-o-thon, my opponents all agreed to play on PANOC-23 since I was the only one with anything to loose in their eyes.

The following reports are from one hell of a day of playing the best damn miniature game out there!

Deployment Zones

My opponent got first turn, so I chose deployment.

The table from my perspective
Druze , ready to roll out!
Ariadna deployed for the defense

I used a lot of infiltration and mines, the Ariadnan way to make my opponent hold back.

He tried to use a sniffer but to get some camo sniffed out. It kinda worked in his first turn.. he discoved 2 and got into a firefight with another. Loosing his bot and a couple of other models in the process.

Sensor gotta sense
ARO from a Chasseur got the bot down!
Taking out our stunned Chasseur.. if they don't play fair, we won't play fair.

My opponent managed to take out a single unit and tallied around the camo revealing a bit.

Then it was my turn and boy things went downhill for the Druze fast. I used Mirage-5 for the first time in years and they showed their worth completely.

Duroc that giant beast, took out 4 of 5 in a Druze/Brawler link. Incl. the lieutenant.

Tankhunter being a tankhunter. Two hits, 6 saves.. the building almost collapse. My opponent took 5 out of 6 hits.
Durocs deal breaker.

Duroc Super Jumped a building, destroyed 4 of 5 in the Druze link. Got hit by 4 Viral Pistols and died. He did his job though and will be remembered.

He secured a victory for Dawn!

My opponent being crippled and in loss of lieutenant, made me able to walk up the board and snack all the objectives without trouble.

9-0 for Ariadna.

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