Kurage Crisis


Final Attack on HAS-Area

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VS Nomads


On the final night of Phase 1 of the Kurage Crisis, I managed to find time for a game night with a buddy. We got 2 games in. We decided for a location each.

We started with HAS-area, my choice. We had a great, intense, game for both of us.

Otto the Antipode ready to cheer for me!
Enemy deployment

The noble Irmandinhoes, went gung-hoe and went for the Nomad HVT, killing it effectively, but in the process died a horrible death by 2 Hollow Men.
He was the Data Tracker, so 3 Points for Ariadna.


Next Uxia charged a Lunkhud to make way for a special guest. She died as well from 2 Crazy Koala hugs!

Uxia charging

Our neighborhood friendly Van Zant showed up, killing the Enemy Lieutenant.
Later he tried to take on the Hollow Men, got a wound on their Link Leader, but died in the process.

Van Zant in aciton
The death of Zant

The game progressed, with me in the lead with 6 points. My opponent killed my HVT, but not with his datatracker. This gave him 2 points.

In a final epic move with the remainder of his Hollow Man link, he did a Super Jump, to kill my Lieutenant... I got insanely lucky.

The super jump
The save

That was it! Another glorious victory for Ariadna!

Gnyf for President!

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