Kurage Crisis


Scouting at Johnny-5 Kaserne

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VS Nomads


Our second game of the night took place at the Kaserne.

Unfortunately for my opponent, I went on a bit of a rampage and overrun him fast.

Uxia went in to take on the Tunguska mermidon, managed to get a wound on him, then a Molotok Marauder finished him off, then started to pluck away at the remainder of the broken link team. By the end of Ariadna turn 1, my opponent had 4 effective orders for the rest of the game.

This events made it so I didn't have many pictures to show of my efforts... it went damn fast!

Deployment Zones
A forward deployed Uxia took on the Myrmidon, giving him a wound and dying in the proces.
A Molotok Marauder took care of our Myrmidon friend, his own buddy returned fire, but to no prevail. The Marauder took care of him next.

I continued pounding away my oppenents points. At the end he had so few orders, that he had difficulty doing anything. The game ended with me having 2 consoles and all zones.

We both used our hidden objective as Intelcomm Cards. So it was rendered useless.

Otto the Antipode was pretty tired after a night of tough battles, so while we cleaned up the table, he took a nap.

So another victory for Ariadna, even though I didn't hold back, I had hoped my opponent would have gotten this game, since Nomads could use the support.

But a win is a win, and glorious Ariadna ends on top no matter what!


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