Kurage Crisis


The unknown forces meet an army of hobos

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VS Ariadna

Aleph were protecting a huge building. weapons were stored inside. Some naked men with stinky dogs arriving from the north…Hobos was the first word arrived from the extraordinary collective AI minds. Marut raised his *huge* gun, dakini and proxies supporting him, while myrmidons and the friendly Krakot were finishing game of cards.
First round of attack was impressive, dogs arrived from nowhere scratching and biting the metalic joins of lady Marut. Aleph was off guard (the game of cards was still on) and the garudas were waiting for the right moment to drop… lady Marut suffered and suffered till she succumbed to her wounds.
Second round has started the delightful Proxy FW as always… critted the heck out of enemies scout… that was the start of the revenge. Lady Marut was repaired and a can of oil was her tonic beverage. Took back her HMG while myrmidon Lakis was opening the doors of the armory. a smoke was dropped and the massacre began. Lady Marut took revenge killing every one and all of them, while Lakis and Makis (Krakot) were hacking enemies inside the armory (specialy Lakis who lost in the card game).
Third round started… Aleph domination was inevitable while the rest of the remnant Ariadna running for their lives. Aleph secured armory dominated till the end of the battle and performing coup de grace on the unconscious fallen hobos… LONG LIVE THE COLLECTIVE AI!

*the end*

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