Kurage Crisis


CCW - And Then to the End of the Spiral


[Intercepting transmission]…
[Running diagnostics]…
[Running decryption code]…

Генера́л а́рмии Hakuna speaking, tovarishch. Da, we continue to monitor all activity within our facilities. Nyet, but she’ll be here soon enough, tovarisch, fret not. I’m dispatching Uxia’s Squad to the nearest [Signal lost] ……………………… [Signal reestablished] control. Da, , da. Баба Яга is within the island borders. Again, don’t worry about it, she’s under surveillance. Da, preparations are in [Signal lost] …………… [Signal reestablished] Da, just another batch of Japanese. Da, they’ve been dealt with. It shall be done, tovarisch, our sweep shall continue. [Hakuna raises his right hand an let it rest on his chest] For the glory of all Ariadnans, for Dawn!

[Running diagnostics]…

[Hakuna drinks from his canteen filled with vodka] Yet again, you are around Mr Irosan. What in blazes are you up to now. [Hakuna opens the operation files and peruse them whilst sipping his vodka].

[End of line].

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The Ariadnan ready themselves...
... checking their comms to start the sweep at another area of the Redoubt...
As the Japanese commander takes her time to deploy the JSA.
Unbeknownst to the hidden dangers of the Ariadnan camouflaged tokens.
The JSA are set...
... and the Mavericks are set loose at the battlefield. The first one takes on the left side of the compound.
The second Maverick charges at the right side of it.
Covering the ground with Smoke Grenades so a few camouflaged troopers can head on, unnoticed.
As a beautiful redhead watches from above, next to another camouflaged unit.
The three camouflaged units get into position and secure the perimeter.
A camouflaged unit rushes up two sets of ladders whilst not getting discovered.
The Vet Kazak rushes forward.
The Japanese TAG tries to discover the hidden Tankhunter, who shoots back at him with his trusted Portable Autocannon.
Unsatisfied with the previous results, the Japanese TAG fire at the Tankhunter, getting shot in the process, yet again.
Another firefight takes place and the Tankhunter emerge victorious.
Another Tankhunter (Proxied) spots the Japanese CORE leader and shoots his Missile Launcher.
Nothing remained of the Japanese.
The Japanese HARIS shoots at the Tankhunter...
... who sadly succumbs to it's wounds.
Another Japanese shoots at the Tankhunter up the building and gets shot.
The Japanese continues to advance whilst shooting at the Tankhunter.
Only this time, our brave soldier falls to the ground.
One of the Mavericks are gunned down by the Japanese.
A Japanese soldier is spotted across the compound and gets wounded by a hidden Spetsnazs and his trusted HMG.
The same Sptesnazs halts the Japanese advance at his quadrant.
It's the Spetsnazs turn and he unleashes Hell at the Japanese from across the compound.
At last, the Japanese is no more.
Uxia gets out of camouflage and secures an Antenna.
The Vet Kazak advances but fails to protect himself from a Chain Rifle.
An S.A.S. advances and position itself at the Tech Coffin's side.
The remaining Maverick get ready...
... as another camouflaged trooper gets into position at the left side if the compound.
After carefully setting a smoke curtain, the Maverick rushes to the Tech Coffin.
Stationing herself next to it.
A Spetsnazs tries to halt the Japanese advance with his trusted HMG, but fails in doing it so.
Leaving the way to the Tech Coffinf open for the Japanese HARIS.
A Highlander Cateran (Proxied) spots the Japanese and shoots at him.
The Japanese falls unconscious to the T2 bullet (DO NOT USE T2 WITHOUT YOUR ARIADNAN PARENTS APPROVAL!).
The surviving Spetsnazs shoots at the advancing Japanese...
... but fails to hit his target and falls unconscious.
The Japanese tries to get into the Tech Coffin ZO, but gets put down by a brave Line Kazak before the Antipodes could reach him.
General Hakuna rally his troops as he searches for the slippery...
... Mr Irosan.

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