Kurage Crisis


CCW - Damned Criticals

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VS Combined Army

[Intercepting transmission]…
[Running diagnostics]…
[Running decryption code]…

Генера́л а́рмии Hakuna speaking, tovarishch. Another batch of Aliens were found, this time within our own premises, tovarisch! It seems they’re getting bolder and in complete disregard to the mutilation of their species from times past. Nyet, I don’t believe they’re intent on carrying a vendetta, at all. Da, seems we’ve seen some new faces from that filth batch of [Signal lost] ………… [Signal reestablished] as to why. Da, we shall burn them to cinders next time. Nyet, it seems both squads had to fall back and hold the middle. Da, it seems they’re [Signal lost] …………………… [Signal reestablished] this time. It shall be done, tovarisch [Hakuna raises his right hand an let it rest on his chest] For the glory of all Ariadnans, for Dawn!

[Running diagnostics]…

[Hakuna sips from his canteen filled with vodka then lights up a cigar as he peruse the report files] Eager to die. Eager to engage in combat. Interesting, what a interesting batch of filth they are.

[End of line].

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The Caledonians get into position at the left side of the compound...
... and at the right as well.
The S.A.S. rushes ahead at both sides...
... in vigil for the half of the compound.
The Alien menace deploys.
McMurrough advances, waving at the Mormaer triplets and ChukrutzMD, the 112 Doc.
The Mormaer triplets get ready to advance.
They push forward to secure the right flank...
... as McMurrough continues his advance at the Aliens.
After throwing several Smoke Grenades that didn't go off, McMurrough back away in anger.
The heads to the left flank of the Aliens.
Maximillian Wallace the Third, a Volunteer, feels compelled to rush ahead hoping to live up to his 1/4 of Wallace blood.
And he goes...
... and goes...
... and cross the compound looking everywhere for any sign of Aliens...
... until he gets past the middle of the compound looking for cover.
An Alien advances and is spotted by the Scot Guard from the CORE and his trusted Molotok.
Shots are fired and the Alien gets wounded as Maximillian Wallace the Third tries to pinpoint the shots. Even though they were fired right next to him.
The Alien continues its barrage, but the Scot Guard emerge victorious.
A tiny, sneaky-sneaky Alien heals his unconscious friend and gets gunned down in the process.
A huge Alien is spotted by the Scot Guard's CORE member and he fires his Missile Lancher. Sadly, the alien shots goes thru the Caledonian.

[First critical hit... Second critical hit...]

The S.A.S. fires away and the huge Alien stands still as the shots stop at his armor. Then the Alien fires away as the S.A.S. Sniper tries to shoot back at him. Sadly, the Alien shot went thru.

[Third critical hit...]

The huge Alien advances, seeking McMurrough in the battlefield.
One of the Mormaer triplets spots the Alien and shoots at him. Sadly, the Alien bullet went thru.

[Fourth critical hit...]

An S.A.S. tries to surprise the wounded Alien but he kept dodging her Assault Pistol.
The Scot Guard fires his Molotok and manages to put down the slippery Alien.
Volunteer Kiril, Grigori's cousin, heads toward McMurrough and manages to heal him using his Medkit.
ChukrutzMD, the 112 Caledonian Doc heals the Mormaer but as he was getting up, his axe falls at the fallen Mormaer throat, killing him.

[Holy crap! I hope no one saw that...]

The surviving Mormaers and the Caledonian Doc back away in the right wing corridor.
McMurrough, bloodied and enraged, advances.
Creating a small curtain of smoke.
Then heads down, bellow the passageway.
The huge Alien advances, yet again, this time gunning down the S.A.S. at the left side of the compound as he smiles once he glances at Maximillian Wallace the Third.

[Fifth critical hit...]

The huge Alien shoots at the Mormaer, who responds with his trusted T2 rifle. Sadly, for him, the Alien bullet went thru.
The Alien advances, shooting the brave Volunteer, Kiril, Grigori's cousin.
Now it was the last Mormaer's turn to shoot at the Alien, though his shots were true, the huge flicking Alien puts down the brave soldier.

[Sixth critical hit...]

ChukrutzMD, the 112 Caledonian doc manages to save one of the Mormaer triplets.
Enraged, Uxia surprises the huge Alien and in a long barrage of shots, throwing daggers, throwing cats and bottles of Jack Daniels, she manages to wound him pretty badly, but falls to her wounds.
The Scots Guard CORE advances with whats left of them and manages to put render the beast unconscious.

[The Scot Guard cocks his Molotok] Oh wait, let's check for a pulse!

The Scot Guard makes sure that Alien won't ever stand up again.

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