Kurage Crisis


Phone home

VS Yu Jing
Agent Wu

Sequel to: https://kuragecrisis.warconsole.com/battles/harlequinofdeath-vs-agent-wu-1530793176

Harlequins comlink failed to establish a connection to Arachne.

Something's wrong, he thought.

"Bromads", he turned towards his team. "We might have a problem. The Kommstat seems to be offline. I can't upload the gathered information to Arachne. We have to drop at the location and check what happened and send the data asap."


Harlequin ordered some backup to stay in the dropship in the suborbital orbit above Dawn.

He grabbed some multispectral visor and left his Taskmaster armor behind. Other conditions required other tools.

His team sneaked into the Kommstat and found dead bodies of the Nomad personell who maintained the station.

They swarmed out to get to the transmission antennas to check their status when they spotted a Yu Jing operator and the first rocket flew above their heads.

Harlequin's team



This time I lost the initiative roll against Agent Wu he decided to take the second turn to be able to score the antennas. I let him deploy first which I liked more with the new Designated Target rule.

My Classified was to Forward Observe the enemy HVT.

The deployment was perfect. I had a tall building for my Alguacil fireteam and was able to cover a large portion of the table with Lupe's Panzerfaust and the Missile Launcher.

My Moran (the Datatracker) sneaked to the Designated Target and I had to use 7 orders on him to kill it:
1. Standby for Koalas and move towards the Designated Target.
2. Forward Observer roll, he dodged critically.
3. Forward Observer roll, I failed.
4. Forward Observer roll, he dodged again.
5. Forward Observer roll, finally successful!
6. Combi Rifle Burst, he dodged critically again.
7. Next Combi Rifle Burst and I only managed to kill the Designated Target, because it was Targeted: I rolled 3, 17, 17.

But after that bad start I had more luck than him and rolled about 5 crits which were very crucial to the course of the match.


Designated Target of doom


His first two orders were desaster:

First he moved a Kuang Shi into the line of sight of my missile launcher. He was blown away. Second, he activated his Wu Ming fireteam and his HRL tried a shootout with my Lupe. Damn, if only he had not. I managed to win the face to face with the Panzerfaust and he had to roll three armor rolls. All three failed. His fireteam was broken and his full core bonus was gone. After that he somehow tried to limit the damage but it was hopeless.

Lupe won a second shootout later in the turn and after stopping his advanced she was shot unconscious in the end.

I had three antennas so:


Agent Wu's team



I healed Lupe and rebuilt the fireteam.

Then I activated my Bandit KHD only to see him being skullbusted by a hidden Ninja KHD.

My Moran went to kill the Ninja KHD but the Ninja managed to dodge. So Lupe finished the job. Then I moved the Intruder in position and put him in suppressive fire.

With my last orders I dropped my Tomcat Doctor to go for my Bandit KHD and get some points in the midfield.

Damage has been done

His Wu Ming fireteam finally advanced to my position, but...

He failed to many shootouts. Even though he managed to finally kill McMorrough, Lupe and shoot my Missile Launcher, he lost his 2nd fireteam member and the fireteam broke. Again.

He got to my right antenna (so CORREGIDOR:IMPERIAL SERVICE 6:2) and managed to kill nothing more. But his backfield was now open to my:




And the fun began. I have waited patiently for the drop because of the Madtraps on this flank but now the Hellcat killed the 3rd member of his fireteam, the Kuang Shi on the right, the Baggage drone at his right antenna and the Lu Duan.

I killed the 4th member of his fireteam at my antenna as well, managed to heal my Bandit KHD and only lost my Alguacil LT.

That way I was in a good position and he was down at 5 orders at his 3rd turn, so we stopped the match, because he had no chance to kill his Designated Target and considering he could have get back my right antenna and was able to contest a second one and maybe accomplishing his Classified it was a CORREGIDOR:IMPERIAL SERVICE 7:4 win for the Nomads.



Unfortunately, the game was decided early because of Agent Wu loosing his fireteam instantly and some bad rolls on his side. Wish him more luck the next time! Was a fun match to me and a learning experience with my first time playing Corregidor.


Harlequin managed to login into Arachne but he had to realize that they were too late. The Yu Jing operator already transfered data to their worst foe: ALEPH.

After all the shooting
Lu Duan removed with splitburst crit
Designated Target secured | Harlequin with different gear

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