Kurage Crisis


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Combined Army
VS Haqqislam
Major Beph Storqnph

The newly commissioned Rodok lieutenant snarls at the presence of an Umbra Samaritan in his fire team. Intent to prove the worth of his new Onyx Contact Force while the humans play on Kurage, the Morats have no need of this Samaritan the EI has attached to his team like some dark nursemaid.

Battle Report: Madorak Darmat, Rodok Lieutenant, Onyx Contact Force Operation

We were sent in search of Aleph technology for the EI.
‘Something happens to our communications, as we are short 2 orders to our Contact Force.’

The Maakrep Sniper spots a Haqqislam Muyib Heavy Rocket Launcher on a wall, part of a 5 man Core. *First Contact*
‘These are not the humans we were expecting. Why they are here is unknown, but their fate was decided once they entered the field.’
Anxious to prove himself and protect the Rodok team from that rocket, he takes his shot. *Miss*
‘Too anxious.’
As he pulls his shot, the return of the Rocket Launcher misses as well. But the Maakrep has underestimated the range and effectiveness of the other Muyib fire team weapons, dropping unconscious to the ARO of a spitfire and rifles located on an adjacent building to enemy rocket launcher.

Having made its calculations, the Q-Drone unloads its HMG on the Muyib Rocket, who by his weaponry has unwittingly become target priority. The Rocket Launcher Muyib falls unconscious from the REM’s HMG before he can do any damage to our Force, but his fire team’s spitfire finds another victim in the Q-drone. ‘Calculations are apparently no match to Morat intuition, but at least it removed the rocket threat.’

Our Heavy Machine Gunner shouts “RODOKS! FURY!” as he leads our team into a firing position, unloading his burst on the Muyib Rifleman supporting the now unconscious Rocket Muyib. We have received intel about Haqqislam and their doctors, so just to be sure he stays down if that nearby team member is a doctor… The Rifleman meets his Creator at the hands of our heavy weapon, but once again that demon spitfire finds its target as our Rodok HMG goes unconscious. ‘This spitfire is becoming troublesome.’

A Rodok team Paramedic shoots our HMG bearer with a medikit, but the wounds suffered were too great. The team re-forms with 4 members and redeploys. ‘That HMG will be missed.’

The E-drone moves to support the Unidron positioned on the wall and issues it Enhanced Reaction software. The Unidron turns to see two markers are on the Contact Force’s far left flank, only to fail the discovery of their true identity.

A Fiday reveals itself as he shoots at the Unidron positioned the wall at the left flank. His round bounces from the Unidron’s armor and the Fiday drops to the cold machine response of both the Unidron and E-Drone.

The crafty humans; a second Fiday reveals itself and splits its fire between the Unidron and the E-Drone, only to meet the same fate as the first Fiday. ‘Apparently humans have difficult in accepting the lessons of those before them. Such will be their misfortune.’

An Asawira with a spitfire, and a Unidron that had positioned itself near the southwest objective exchange fire, both of them missing their mark.

The remains of the Muyib Core fire team is aggresive and advances to mid-field before releasing the fury of their demon spitfire against a Rodok team Paramedic. As he falls unconscious, I return fire with my light shotguns, finally dropping the demon spitfire. ‘A rare credit to his species, his actions will go unheralded by his kind.’

What did I previously mention about Haqqislam and their Doctors? Expectedly a team doctor brings back the spitfire user, who immediately seeks vengeance for the attempt to force his early retirement from life. But, as these humans are stubborn to learn, he falls immediately again to my shotguns. ‘The might of the Morat Rodok will be felt and prestige earned this day.’

Our 2nd Rodok Paramedic revives his fallen comrade in the team. The Samaritan grows tired of these humans, and smells blood. He assaults around the back of a tower separating both teams and engages a Muyib, as a Rodok team Paramedic moves into controlling the first objective. The Umbra gets the advantage against the Muyib, only for his knife to deflect off the human’s armor. Furious, he attacks again, only to find his knife frustratingly hitting armor once again. ‘Futile “mighty” Umbra, futile.’

The Nexus Operative Kerr-Nau fires his pitcher in an attempt to support the Unidrons positioned near the southwest objective, but his equipment malfunctions as he moves. A Unidron repositions closer to southwest objective.

The Samaritan, beyond all sanity, finally drinks the life force from the Muyib, adding it to his own. He then kills the remaining Muyib team member in the back with his Breaker Combi as the team repositions to start taking the northeast objective, the Umbra moving to support the left flank. ‘This Samaritan is perhaps useful to us after all.’

A human takes control of the northwest objective, supported by the Asawira spitfire. The spitfire takes aim at a Unidron near the southwest objective, who returns fire. The distance proves too great for his plasma carbine to be effective and the Batroid has 2 rounds deflect off his armor. The human, again without reason or learning, opens his full burst on the same Unidron, only to have his armor save him once more against a barrage of rounds. This human aggressor, if anything, is persistent as his spitfire finally finds the mark on the Unidron who falls unconscious. The Asawira spitfire then sends the Unidron on the left flank wall into the unconscious state. ‘Perhaps his God and ours took pity on his ineptitude and awarded that persistence.’

A Rodok Paramedic takes control of the northeast objective, while our other Paramedic still controls the southeast. I watch to our left while the Samaritan tries to advance towards the few human survivors.

Kerr-Nau moves, and pitches a repeater in case it is needed to support our interests at the southwest objective.

The automedikit of the Maakrep initiates, bringing the Sygmaa back to consciousness. Vengeance desired he rises to have his sniper rifle seek out the Asawira spitfire. *Critical* ‘The Asawira returns to his ancestors in failure, and the fatality is the Maakrep’s first step to redemption of his earlier mistake.’

Unsure of the abilities of the humans, Kerr-Nau moves to support with White Noise through the repeater. *Failure* ‘Disappointing operative, most disappointing.’

Kerr-Nau then advances in an attempt to secure the southwest objective, drawing fire from a human AP rifle. The rifle finds only armor, but Kerr-Nau is forced to find cover, the closest being by the wall at the objective point, as a building bump-out provides total cover from the humans. ‘In the end, only preserved his life.’

‘The might and fury of a Morat Rodok led Contact Force has earned valor and prestige, as the remaining humans are forced to flee from the field. Hopefully they will keep to their apparent human tradition and not learn from this day; and they return to face the power of a Morat warrior who will help them shuffle off their mortal coil.’

• The part of Umbra Samaritan played by Umbra Legate
• The role of Nexus Operative Kerr-Nau portrayed by Fraacta

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