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VS Yu Jing

OK the thing ate my first writeup so let’s try this again:

Deployment: I go with a Ghulam link on a rooftop to my right and an Asawira link in the center. Some Mutts are placed to rush out on turn one, while a Warcor protects the objective and some Farzans are in camo across the map. Orpheus fields a Crane link to my lift, TR Bot and Warcor in the Center, and Rui Shi and Sophotect on my right, with a smattering of Kuang Shi throughout.

Turn One: The Kuang Shi fail to discover my Farzans, and one runs into a landmine in the process, but the TR bot is more successful. My CoC survives the resulting hail of HMG fire but is forced to drop into cover. A Celestial Guard and Ninja rush up to grab goodies for the Panoply (1-0, Yu Jing’s favor. And an EXP CCW for the Ninja) before his Crane link repositions more defensively and calls it a day.

On my turn my Mutts rush forwards to little effect, killing the CG that got Panoply Goodies but getting both of them MadTrapped in the process. One dies from the wound he took bringing down the CG, the other would prove the worth of even a man stuck in glue as the game went on. My Ghulam Link proceeded to rip through a WarCor and TR Bot, downing some Kuang Shi in the process to reduce the order pool.

Round Two:
His Crane Link rushes forwards, the Crane itself gets blinded but not before taking down my Asawira Lieutenant. And to make things worse, his friends then bring down my Farzan CoC. Should’ve left him higher up. Then the Garuda jumps in and hoses down my HMG and Leila. Leila makes her saves, the HMG doesn’t and I’m stuck with the unenviable prospect of bringing him back up while in LoL.

I’m order limited thanks to LoL. A few go into getting me some regulars to play with, but I’m keeping one back to reform my link. My Fiday pops forwards to run at the AC2 next turn, while my Asawira Spitfire takes out the Crane but doesn’t have the regular orders to do anything else. My Doc manages to bring my HMG back up, though, so that’s nice. The Mutt discovers the Ninja and the Farzan takes the opportunity to shotgun him in the back.

Turn Three: The Sophotect makes a heroic sprint across the entire map, sliding into place to bring the Crane back up. His heavy hitter online, he piles his fireteam into melee with my air conditioner and takes it down, then advances his Rui Shi to drop the now-vulnerable Farzan. The Rui Shi drops instead, so he spends his last orders setting up and overwatch net to protect his AC2.

I don’t have a path to victory, as I can’t get more than 5 points due to my datatracker being on the wrong side of the map and him having already grabbed 3 Panoplies. Still, I resolve to make a game of it. My last Farzan goes unconscious trying to down the Garuda. My Ghulam link reforms and hoses down…everything it can see, really, dropping an overwatch piece, a MadTrap, and the Garuda. My Fiday takes the opportunity and slides into melee, stabbing the living hell out of the Air Conditioner and bringing it down in three orders. Those are a lot more fragile than I thought! I’m at four, so my Asawira Double Action knocks out the crane with a shotgun blast and rushes in, sliding prone to join the belly-stab session and coup de grace-ing him for one last objective point. That settles it 7-5, with Orpheus managing a solid victory due to better map control and scoring efficiency.

Retrospective: I think it was a good list played in a flawed manner but due to technical issues and life events really do not have the time to get into more detail. I’ll try to edit something in if I can edit post-deadline. Big notes: Pay attention to MadTraps, protect Farzans better, watch for AD, and the objective is always more important than killing. Even if you do a lot of killing.

Ghulams Advance!
Score some kills
And realize that I've made a terrible mistake
In retrospect, should've left someone more disposable than the lieutenant there.
The game ends as it must, people dropping on their bellies to shank air conditioning units while my Ghulams rack up obscene kill counts.

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