Kurage Crisis


First Contact: Lafayette

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VS Tohaa
Jager NaDim

Deployment: Deployment wasn’t enormously eventful, we both went with relatively conservative deployments (Barring the Krakots, who naturally deployed aggressively), though I botched some placements. I forgot how we were treating buildings for the match, placed the Al-Fasid so he didn’t have line of sight to anything I wanted him to smoke grenade, and the Ayyar’s actual body was more vulnerable than I would have preferred because I kept the holo-echoes far too close to him.

Round One: One of his Krakots held position to avoid being winged by the Al-Fasid’s HMG, the other one rushed forwards towards the Ayyar. A botched dodge roll saw the Ayyar eat a wound from a thrown grenade, while further maneuvering and a twinned Chain Rifle shot drops my Ghulam Doctor but sees the Krakot die from reaction fire. The Krakot’s run was long and carefully planned to avoid AROs, meaning that besides some repositioning of ARO units that was the entire Tohaa turn.

My turn was relatively uneventful. I moved my Ghulam FO towards the dead Krakot to try and Observe the corpse and score my Classified but he got flash-pulsed so that plan went out the window. My Fasid attempted to smoke grenade my Djanbazan, but he didn’t have line of sight and couldn’t get it without taking a sniper round to the face, so settled for shooting the Tohaa delegate in the face. As a result, the Djanbazan stood up and opened fire on his own forcing Muet to flee for cover after popping his Symbiomate. My Ayyar moved forwards and began to spread out to contest the objective, while Tarik moved forwards to grab a nicer piece of cover. I did some repositioning and dropped my Djanbazan prone and passed the turn.

Turn Two: Things began to go pretty poorly for me here. Neema pushed up, methodically popping Ayyar holoechoes before finally pinning down and killing the Ayyar himself. She got a solid position overlooking much of my deployment zone, bringing down Leila while her fireteam looked on and then dropping into suppressive fire. The surviving Krakot advanced to try an discover one of my camo markers but didn’t pull it off, but her crawl forwards also put her in position to chain rifle the Al Fasid if he got up, while Le Muet got onto a rooftop.

I moved Tarik forwards to attack Neema, an assault that statistically, at least, should go pretty well for me. I spent three orders ducking in and out of LOS, pouring fire on all the while, with a roughly 60% chance to wound her each time. Tarik took one wound, Neema didn’t even pop her Symbiomate. My hawwa revealed himself and sprinted for the back of the deployment zone, but he got revealed and I wasted an order scoring a mutual kill against the Krakot.

Turn Three: A Clipsos revealed itself by the bridge, charging forwards to shoot down my Ghulam FO. I had a Tuareg reveal herself underneath the bridge and shoot it, only for the Tuareg to completely flub the unopposed shot while the Ghulam went down. Neema headed down the bank to secure the objective, her fireteam trading fire with the Tuareg’s shotgun. At +6, unopposed, with a template that would hit two-to-three members of Neema’s fireteam, the Tuareg rolled a miss. Neema grabbed the box, eating an actual wound from the Barid’s pistol, then downed Tarik while Jaeger NaDim walked onto the board to cover the Fasid’s position.

With no meaningful way to contest the box, I surrendered at the top of my last turn.

Review: Oh boy the rolls this time around. I made some mistakes in list selection and deployment, the Barid was a terrible choice against Tohaa, my Fasid didn’t have line of sight to where I wanted him to drop smoke, I should have just had the Hawwa idle when he got discovered, etc. But the rolls absolutely murdered me near the end there. Failed dodges, statistically unlikely misses, a regular inability to make armor saves, all compounded a poor anti-tohaa list into a complete disaster. This was also my first match against Tohaa and I had very little idea of what I was walking into, resulting in some suboptimal choices and a lot of confusion about things like Symbiomates. Still, I learned a lot, Jaeger was fun to play against, and I apologize to him for being late on this writeup.

My deployment
The Holoecho Defensive net at beginning of the reactive turn
Unfortunately it doesn't save the Ayyar
Shouldn't have bothered trading the Hawwa and that Krakot, to be honest
The Barid makes his stand but it doesn't amount to much

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