Kurage Crisis


Supply Drop at the Aplekton

VS Tohaa
Jager NaDim

After our first match ended we had slightly over two hours before the store would close. I’m a slow player (As I am still rather new to the game) and so asked that we do a 150 point game for the follow up. Despite bringing only the models in his normal, 300 point list Jaeger was kind enough to acquiesce. This probably put him at a disadvantage, which I apologize for, but I really do appreciate how willing he was to accommodate me.

Deployment: I won deployment and opted to go second, Jaeger grabbed the side of the board I’d originally started on and I was stuck deploying first. I dropped a mess of camo tokens into the midfield and his side of the table, as well as a pair of Halqas close to one of the enormous dumpsters containing our objectives. My Daylami both failed their infiltration rolls and so came in to cover the Halqas, while my Zhay was put in an overwatch position to counterattack down the center or left board-edge and my Naffatun lieutenant and Mutt took the right.

Jaeger’s Chaksa was pretty far forwards and he had a Tohaa unit who’s name I do not know as a reserve, while Neema’s fireteam was clustered about a house for cover.

Turn One: Jaeger’s Chaksa rushed forwards. Turns out, they have sensor! Who’da thunk. Probably someone who’d faced Tohaa more often. This revealed my Hunzakut and Tuareg, which was kind of unfortunate. Especially when the Chaksa bulled in to drop flamethrowers. Fortunately the Tuareg tanked the hit and shotgunned down the Chaksa while the Hunzakut dropped a mine. Less fortunately, there was a hidden Clipsos nearby that promptly knocked out the Tuareg. Neema’s fireteam moved up and dropped into suppressive fire, and that was the turn.

On my end my Mutt dashed forwards, throwing Smoke onto the objective before opening his arms wide to welcome the incoming machine gun fire. But either confused by the smoke or creeped out by the Mutt’s acceptance of imminent death, Neema’s shots went wild. My Hunzakut used the smoke to break cover, grabbing the objective before retreating to the safety of the riverbank, while my Halqa did the same, taking advantage of the fact that Neema couldn’t see over the bridge, before retreating to cover.

Turn Two: Neema wasted the Mutt in a hail of Spitfire rounds before taking a wide path around the guard tower, hoping to mitigate the Daylami’s imminent reaction fire. She opened fire on one of them, and my ridiculous lucky with armor saves came into full swing as he took four shots before going down. Fortunately for me, that ate up his order pool.

I had the Hunzakut move forward and place a mine, entirely ignorant of what Symbiobombs were. It went off, but the Hun aced her BTS roll and I retreated, placing another mine as I went. I should’ve placed it at the end of my movement instead of the beginning, so that Neema couldn’t Symbio out both mines in a single order, but that wouldn’t turn out to matter. My Naff advanced to cover the Hunzakut while my Zhayedan dropped into suppression fire, hoping to ward off any attempt to reclaim the boxes, and my Halqa advanced into his side of the board, so that they wouldn’t be in Neema’s line of fire when she pied that corner.

Turn Three:
Neema rushed forwards, pulling her pistols and dropping my Naffatun, triggering both mines and risking a panzerfaust shot to the face. It was a solid plan, one that would disarm both mines, kill the only flamethrower on the map, and kill a Panzerfaust charge that she could easily simply ‘Mate away. Then I roll a crit and Neema can’t pop her ‘Mate, dropping off the board in one blow as a result.

The Makaul flings smoke forwards, advancing and cutting down the Hunzakut while I realized that my Zhay didn’t actually have line of sight to the box. Fortunately the Daylami did and he still had a Panzerfaust shot. Not keen on failing to recover a box while I still had one, he instead had his Clipsos vault its cover to attack the two Halqas. The Zhay’s suppression fire missed entirely, but while the Halqa doctor with the box fell the Halqa FO brought down the Clipsos with a shotgun round. Then Jaeger NaDim himself took the field, appearing behind the Halqa but without the orders to finish her off.

My turn. The Daylami rushed in, closing with NaDim and trading shotgun fire with his SMG. I landed a blow and the valiant detective went down, while my Halqa grabbed the supply box for the win. It was a costly victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Reflection: My first win but it was as much the dice as my own tactics. I made quite a few mistakes, the hunzakut’s mine-laying, moving the Zhay so he couldn’t actually cover the Hun, but was lucky enough that I carried the day anyways. The Halqa have proved themselves surprisingly useful in these sorts of missions in this format. Just beginning within a single order of the objective can very well be worth three points, especially in something as limited as Recon. Going with a heavy forward deployment worked out, but in the future I should be more careful about enemies with Sensor.

Otherwise, yeah, my first win and while I got it in large part due to some cooperative dice it was against a skilled and experienced player so I’m not inclined to feel too badly about it.

The first turn sees some carnage in the midfield
Initial box retrieval goes inexplicably well.
Neema pushes forwards.
One in a million, kid, let's blow this thing and go home.

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