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Combined Army

This sunday i fought Pedro, a friend from the local group of players here in Santos/Brazil. This guy is the most aggressive player i fought, and i have the privilege to face him regularly. For this fight we brought our best, hope u guys like it.


During the brief takeover promoted by CA in DAWN-01 Aplekton, agents of the EI taken a large amount of sensitive itens and data. During their retreat, it was necessary to hide some of this itens, to avoid recovery by its pursuers. Aspect Hedryl was tasked with the recovery of such itens, mission that was hasted by news of a JSA strike team searching the region looking by the same caches.

The Battle

The Battlefield

As the forces reached the site, the Combined Army took the initiative, true to their Aspect aggressive nature.

The attack started in the left flank. Now wary of the enemy capacity for ambush, the Avatar advanced under the covering fire of the Makreep Tracker, managing to kill an enemy in a motorcycle and damage a HI. The middle advanced as well, but the right flank was pinned under enemy fire.

The Japanese retaliated from the shadows. One soldier abandoned his camouflage and fired his rocket launcher at the avatar, but had little success thanks to our optical disruption technology. A ninja revealed himself in the right flank, turning a bad situation even worse, destroying our remotes.

Ninja Attack!

Aspect Hedryl and the Makreep keep the covering fire, as the specialists take the central and left objectives. The hacker in the center retreated dangerously close to the ninja, putting faith in the Avatar aim.

Objective in trouble

Even under heavy fire, the ninja advanced towards the objective. Aspect Hedryl recognized the valor of this soldier, as he adjusted his HMG to shoot explosive rounds. His aim was true, but the sight of the enemy still intact after the explosion could mean more trouble. Luckily the enemy hubris was his downfall: thinking himself unbeatable, the ninja advanced in the open, failing his shotguns shots at point blank and being killed by plasma fire.

Ninja all or nothing!

Considering the center and left objectives secured, the Avatar advanced to the neglected right flank, crossing the battlefield and exchanging shots with the remaining Japanese soldiers. This last offensive sees two enemy specialists killed and one septorized, sending the Japanese army in full retreat.

Avatar Havoc!


Another successful deployment of the Sapphire assault force. Aspect Hedryl ordered the full processing of the recovered itens and data. As he connected his armature to the repair station, he recalculated the odds of this battle. Maybe a specific countermeasure against this ninja would be necessary in future battles against the JSA forces.

Moment of the match: i celebrated hitting the ninja in ARO with a exp ammo, but was too soon! He passed all the Arm rolls! Must have cut the round with his sword! :)

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