Kurage Crisis


First Contact


Nomad Command Report

Regiment 3473

Sent 07/06/2193 at 1700 Hours.

ERROR: file lost. Recompiling.

File Recovered on 07/17/2193

First Operations at Dawn.

My assignment here to Dawn came to me under the guise that this "Kurage Crisis" was just a political stalemate. I was under the assumption that my forces were there merely for defensive purposes guarding the Arachne nodes here, until negotiations were settled. Regardless, the higher-ups it seemed wanted boots on the ground to at least give a display of strength, and maybe run a few ops under the radar. My troops and I just arrived in the system, albeit a little late, and landed at Johnny-5 not long after. I brought a fairly untrained squad as our first defense, with the expectation that we wouldn't be seeing too much conflict.

Nomad Deployment

Yesterday afternoon, at 1400 hours, I was proven wrong, as a band of Ikari mercenaries came to our base under the guise of an envoy of the newly splintered-off JSA. Before we could undergo proper proceedures to confirm this, the raiders blew open the front gates of the compound and attacked.

Ikari Deployment

The mercs came at us charging and my troops barely had time to mount a defense, attempting to hijack our transmission network with a frankly absurd amount of hackers. Subsequently, our Interventor and new recruit Mary Problems were practically forced to disconnect from the network and stay out of the receiver's range. Right off the bat, a trio of motorcycles charged up the field, the merc Yojimbo and a pair of Desperados. Our Transconductor Zond blinded one, and the Jaguar dropped smoke on the rooftop to provide a perfect cover for the nearby Intruder. In the chaos, a pair of Yuan Yuans dropped on each flank near the frontlines. The rightmost one charged up and tried to flamethrower one of our hired Krakot Renegades, but ended up blinded by the Transconductor and fired wide as the Morat dodged away. The unblinded Desperado, thinking our lines were unprotected, continued his charge into view of our Intruder, and a sniper round out of the smoke stopped him dead in his tracks. That, however, was our undoing. The leftmost Yuan Yuan saw his comerade get blown away by a smoke cloud, put two and two together, pulled out a scavenged grenade launcher, and wildly lobbed a pair of shells towards the smoke plume from behind a wall. The first shot went wide, but the second hit it's mark, and suddenly our overwatch was no more. With the field clear, Yojimbo left his Koalas behind and charged up through the cover of smoke and took a swing at Casandra Kusanagi, who barely managed to avoid the blade, but ended up pinned down by the merc.

The defense falling apart.

Sick of sitting back, my troops tried to push the offensive. The flamer Yuan Yuan was quickly torn apart by an angry Krakot, but two of our Morlocks were blown apart by a Tanko Missile trooper with some coordinated help from the 4 nearby Druze. Perseus, our recent convert from Aleph, saw Kusanagi in danger from a motorcylist swordsmand, and charged to help. The duo put up a good fight and traded a few swings, but Yojimbo managed to cleave our new recruit in half, and the Morlock nearby who charged in after didn't fare any better. With a last ditch effort to save Kusanagi, our other new recruit Mary tried to poke around and shoot at the swordsman. She managed down him, but in her haste she failed to check her aim, and also managed to put two rounds into Kusanagi's chest. I imagine she's going to have quite a talk with Mary after her cube finishes bonding with her new body. With the battle seemingly turning sour, I called to airdrop the one Hellcat trooper we had at our disposal to take out the foes from behind. His airdrop was successful, and he began to move to assault the Druze team. However, despite his best effort, the first Druze landed a perfect shot straight into the Hellcat's visor. And with that, the battle was basically over. Our surviving troops bunkered up and prepared to mow down any approaching enemies as they waited for the final call from me.

Needed a 10th life.

With our forces crippled, the Ikari Mercs continued their advance. A Bashi Bazouk snuck onto the right flank and downed the nearby Krakot, but our Zond's flash rounds scared him from advancing. The lot of them spent a few minutes moving into better positions, a Keisotsu finished off our Hellcat, likely intending for them to to scavenge the gear, while an enemy Krakot, a second Keisotsu, and the Druze Sniper moved up the field.

Crippled, our team attempt to take out as many enemy troopers down with them as possible. The surviving Krakot moved up and shredded the final biker with his submachine guns, then tried to go for the Yuan Yuan, who landed a grenade on the Morat's face. Mary and the Interventor reconnected to the network and attempted to counterattack the enemy hackers. The pair took out quite a few of the enemy cyber-specialists, but inevitably, Mary was brain blasted down and the Interventor suffered some feedback from the Brawler hackers, isolating her signal from our forces and giving a severe electric jolt to her equipment. The Heckler moved up, and in a final charge, split fire among the Bashi Bazouk, the enemy Krakot, and the Keisostu, and was swiftly mowed down.

Interventor outhacked

Taking a final push, the Ikari troops continued up to attempt to kill their designated target, a currently unarmed spy we were going to send into enemy forces under the disguise of a famous merc. Our Zond did an amazing job holding the line, blinding the Bashi and keeping the Druze at bay, but a coordinated assault from the Druze, Keisotsu, and Tanko left the Zond a pile of rubble. Finally free to move, the enemy Krakot ran up and detonated his chest mounter mines, as the spy barely dodged to avoided the blasts. The Krakot continued his assault and tried to mow the spy down with his SMG, but a well placed stun pistol stopped the Morat in his tracks.

Close Call

We literally could not fight any more. The base was devastated and our forces were all dead. I made sure our very few surviving troops recovered the dead bodies of Kusanagi and our new recruits, and called the retreat. The Ikari were relentless, and we were caught unaware. Hopefully my fellow battalions were able to stave them off and retake the outpost, but unfortunately, it seems our lack of preparation cost the Nomads today.

This will not stand. The news broadcasts and reports tend to censor the true violence here on Dawn, but today has shown me the truth. This isn't a mere political crisis. This is an all out war, with too many sides to count. So, as of 2100 hours last night, I've called in our freighter for reinforcements. The entire damn regiment is on it's way. Everyone. These people want brutality, we're the perfect ones to give it to them. As I said, this is a war. And I intend to fight until Dawn is painted red with our enemy's blood.

This is Ash, Commander of the Nomad Hellbringers Regiment, signing off.

(Writer's Note: This was a game played at the very end of Stage 1. I realised recently I forgot to publish it when my friend brought it up today. DERP. On a related note, finishing this from Mobile, so can't put up the lists yet.)

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