Kurage Crisis


Unforeseeable Incident


Nomad Command Report

Regiment 3473

Sent 07/16/2193 at 2100 hours

Today, our troops found ourselves in yet another "misunderstanding".
My team was assigned to investigate a small field camp for PanOceania. By all accounts, the site seemed abandoned, so we were there to check out and see if they left anything of value behind, abd among other things, we found some still-active data relays.
It wasn't until a few minutes later that one of our rookie troops literally stumbled onto a JSA scavenger as well. Turns out they were here for the same reason. Problem was, the newbie was so damn startled that he opened fire on the Jap scout. Tensions rose, and very quickly both sides discovered each other in full and believed the other side was attacking them. I hoped to get to some sort of ceasefire, but the scene quickly escalated. I could quickly tell there was no talking our way out of this, so I chose to strike first instead of waiting to get shot.

Nomad Deployment

Always first to fight, the Morlocks ran up the field, but the Japs were ready for us. A team of Kempeitai and Keisotsu had perched onto a building and set up a firing line on the left flank, the two Kempeitai mowing down poor "Harley" with their marksman rifles. "Croc" managed to narrowly avoid a missile from the team, but the blast still caught one of our Puppet Master's bots around the corner and destroyed it.

Puppet Down

Seeing this, the nearby Krakot decided not to run into enemy fire. On the right flank, our troops were a lot less exposed, allowing "Joker" to run up towards Yojimbo and a Ryuken-9, throwing smoke to cover our approach. With the path clear, the Krakot charged through the smoke, gunning down the Ryuken, but got dropped himself by a contender round from Yojimbo. Our Jaguar then proceeded to toss a smoke grenade to cover the Intruder, but it wasn't going to do much against the Kempeitai and their own visors. It was obvious that the firing squad up there were the main threat, so our Puppeteer took advantage of their bots' small size to sneak them up the field and attack one enemy at a time, The bot pair shot down one of the Kempeitai and the missile Keisotsu before getting blinded by a Warcor. It was enough, however, as our Intruder now safely exited camo and sniped the third Ryuken.
The Krakot, no longer under threat of imminent death, decided to circle around the building and shoot down the Warcor, and tried to mow down another nearby Ryuken, who narrowly evade the rounds. Kasandra Kusanagi also moved up, shot down an enemy Remote, and readied herself to take out whoever came around. Up on the right most rooftops, a Bandit near the terminal uncloaked and came face to face with a Ryuken, dodging a mine and the Ryuken's fire as she approached. The bandit managed to get in close and cut down the Jap, right before a Ninja decloaked behind her and leaped into the fray.


Before the chaos could settle, the Japs moved to attack back. Yojimbo charged up the right flank and shot down Joker, as the nearby Ninja cut down our Bandit. The central Ryuken attempted to shoot down our nearby Krakot, but the morat was too fast, evading the blast as he leaped towards the helpless Jap. Nearby, the infamous merc Saito Togan uncloaked and threw a smoke grenade to cover his approach as he closed in on Kusanagi. Our Intruder tried shooting the swordsman down before he made it to her, but ultimately missed, as Saito started swinging. Kusanagi, by some miracle, managed to evade the first swipe, but the second wave cut her down, and the Intruder's shots flew wide in the chaos.

Kusanagi denied

Still near the middle tower, the Krakot charged at the Ryuken and tore him apart bare handed. Croc, meanwhile, decided to join the party, charging towards the center to try and take out Saito, but stumbled onto a landmine left by the Ryuken in the worst way. The Intruder also kept firing down onto Saito, who's training let him manage dodging the rounds and landing behind the middle tower out of sight. The swordsman apparentlt wasn't aware enough of his surroundings, however, and ended up not too far from the Krakot, who rushed in. The morat savagely attacked Saito while the merc took a pair of swings in return, and in the end, both troopers fell to the ground dead.

Mutually assured destruction

Meanwhile, on the leftmost bridge, another Bandit decloaked and hacked into the nearby console, and below him, the Puppetbots moved up into better positions.

File Extraction

Battered, but not out quite of the fight, the JSA troups tried to keep their assault up. Yojimbo rode towards the middle and fired smoke to cover his approach, but then stopped and never continued his attack, probably being informed of our Intruder with a sight on the gap and thinking better of it. On the other flank, a Remote charged up safely behind a building and destroyed another Puppet Bot before the surviving one shot him down in turn. Up on the rightmost building, the Ninja crawled towards the control console and hacked it, being sure to stay behind the railing and out of our Intruder's sights.

With a final push, our surviving Puppet Bot was moved up and gunned down Yojimbo, then moving up towards the nearby broken Remote and performed a sort of Coup De Gras, tearing out it's memory unit for later decryption. The Bot then moved back to protect the central tech coffin, and our Jaguar followed suit, charging up the field.

Hold the line

The Japanese armies was demolished, and they were preparing to retreat. However, in a last ditch effort, another Ninja decloaked up on the bridge, and a hacking battle ensued between him and the Bandit. Despite his best efforts, the Bandit's gear and brain was subsequently fried. With his last efforts, the Ninja attempted to access the console, but after two failed attempts, realised we had already gotten what we needed and wiped the rest, before joining the retreat efforts.

Hacker fight

There's definitely a few political envoys from both sides losing sleep over this, I'm sure. Me, I really don't care enough. Sure, the incident could have been avoided, but if someone has to get shot, better it be them than my troops. Seems like on Dawn, alliances are shaky at best.
On the upside, seems like all the chaos is calming down. Maybe soon we can finally get off this rock and back to where we belong.

- Ash, Commander of the Nomad "Hellbringer" Regiment

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