Kurage Crisis




After the aggressive actions of Ariadna on the Panoc-23 Multi-base an elite Military Orders squad led by Jeanne was sent to the Lafayette base. The detachment's goal was the annihilation of Ariadna forces.

When approaching the base, the detachment was ambushed by the Japanese troops. What was it? The mistake of the Japanese command or provocation, no one understood ...

Composition of the detachment:

Leitenant Jeanne (weapon: Multi Rifle);
Hospitalier Knights (weapons: Multi Rifle, Doctor / Combi Rifle, HMG, Boarding Shotgun);
Knight Of Montesa (weapon: Spitfire);
Order Sergeant (weapon: HRL);
Fusiliers (weapons: HMG, 2xCombi Rifle).


2 Fusiliers hid behind the building on the left flank, Fusilier with HMG lay on the roof of the second floor of the building slightly to the right. The sergeant stood on the roof of the central building. Montesa lay on the roof in the middle. Hospitallers with Jeanne were located on the right flank.

Japan immediately began to advance. Aragoto went to the central building on which lay Montesa. Once in the control zone, the motorcyclist hacked the knight. Then Aragotho went through all the buildings and went to the sergeant's line of fire. The sergeant shot back, but Aragoto did not leave him a chance, shooting him from Spitfire. Domaru group led by Daiyokai went ahead on the right flank.

Suddenly Onivaban appeared on the left flank and ran to the Fusiliers. He was able to reach the first, and cut it with his katana. Aragotos stood in the center in the suppressive fire mode.

Hospitallers, pissed at this development, went ahead. Coming to the firing position, the Hospitaller with KMG shot Aragoto. Then the group went on two silhouettes. The knights tried to discover one of them, but it was just a mine. The Hospitaller with KMG came out to the firing position and began shooting Daiyokai. The shootout was long, but eventually, Daiyokai fell unconscious. Having taken a good position, the Hospitallers began to wait for the Japanese advance.

Onivaban figured out the second fusilier, and began to move toward the third. Ruken appeared from the camouflage, and fired two missiles at the Hospitallers, but missed and was killed by return fire. The Japanese doctor ran to Daiyokai, and was able to cure him. Daiyokai stepped forward and tried to shoot the knights with his Multi Marksman Rifle, but did not succeed, the knights withstood all hits, only Jeanne was injured.

The Hospitallers started shooting Daiyokai again, this time it ended sooner. Without losing time, the knights went to kill the rest of his squad. Shock role in the short distance took on Jeanne. Domaru and the Medic did not stand a chance. The main striking force of the Japanese was destroyed.

The Japanese desperately went ahead with the remaining Keisotsu. Reaching the central building, leaning out from around the corner, one of Keisotsu fired a rocket into Jeanne, and successfully landed. Jeanne could not escape.

The knights found it difficult to recover from the loss of the leader, but they had to finish the job. The hospital doctor began to shoot Keisotsu. Knight of Montesa, resting all the time on the roof, finally was able to act. Leaning from the edge, he shot the remaining Japanese. Fuziler with KMG tried to shoot Onivaban, but missed.

MO vs. JSA

OP: 7-1

WP: 216-44

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