Kurage Crisis


Victorious Raid

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Novyy Cimmeria, Dawn, 2195
After Action Report, PANOC23 Ops Center
Lt. Schaefer, USARF

As we approached the PanO base we came across a unit of rogue JSA troops. Apparently, they disagreed the JSA High Command and were also raiding the PanO base. Sadly, as their objectives were the same as ours, we were forced to fight them.

I set my Grunt team up on an enemy observation post, overlooking most of the field. PFC Andrews was on the far left with PFC Cooper on the far right. PFC Rorke was in the center. Forward deployed were Foxtrot Sgts Rogers, Carerra, and Ramirez. Minuteman Sgt. Matthews was in the center rear, waiting to advance and take the tech coffin.

USARF Deployment

Across from us, the JSA deployed a three man team on an enemy garage. A Keisotsu was taking cover at the doors, a Kempetai was on the roof with a Keisotsu missile launcher. Forward of them were a Tokosetsu doctor and Yoriko Oda. Their right flank consisted of a Karakuri. They also had a Ninja hidden in reserve that we would discover later.

JSA Deployment

The JSA opened the engagement with a shot from the Keisotsu missile launcher. The shot went wide and the combined fire of PFCs Andrews and Rorke eliminated it. The enemy then advanced a Karakuri to capture an antenna. It succeeded in doing was brought low by the combined firepower of the Grunts as it repositioned. The remaining JSA forces attempted to advance to better positions.

Grunt firepower.

With the enemy heavy troops eliminated, Foxtrot Sgts Carrera and Rogers captured the two Antennas. Sgt. Rogers laid three mines around the base of his antenna, surviving an enemy mine as he did so. Sgt. Ramirez in turn mined the tech coffin.

Capturing antennas and defensive operations.

Yuriko Oda advanced in an attempt to get near Sgt. Rogers’ antenna. She dodged the mines but failed to survive the firepower of the Grunts. The medic also tried to advance but she too was laid out by Grunt firepower. A Ninja then appeared and managed to repeatedly force Sgt Ramirez to dodge out of the way. Surviving multiple shots from the Grunts, the Ninja danced around like a ghostly demon, avoiding every possible shot.

Yuriko Oda, having dodged all mines, is dropped by Grunts.

With the Ninja now revealed, Minuteman Sgt. Matthews advanced to deal with this threat. As he neared, he let out twin jets of fire from his light flamers, scorching off the Ninja’s camo. The Ninja shrugged off the fire as if it were nothing. Sgt. Matthews would attempt to roast the Ninja three more times, but each time it managed to dodge away. Sgt. Ramirez then pumped four rounds of shotgun fire at it, the ninja again dodging ever shot. It acted as though it were possessed. With their energy spent, Sgts Ramirez and Matthews waited for the ninja to strike.

Sgt. Matthews advances to engage the demonic Ninja.
Demonic Ninja after dodging all attacks from Sgts Matthews and Ramirez.

Strike it did. Engaging Matthews in close combat. Knowing he had little chance to survive the combat, he managed to dodge away. The ninja charged again but its demonic dodging abilities failed it the firepower of PFCs Cooper and Andrews finally eliminated it. With the enemy forces in disarray and falling back, we quickly made off with our gathered intelligence and left some decoys to frustrate PanO.

We were incredibly fortunate to have had such a textbook perfect mission. I find it unlikely that I will ever run another casualty free mission. For this, I must commend PFCs Andrews and Cooper for their accuracy and Sgts Matthews and Carrera for the bravery and fortitude shown against the ninja. I am recommending all of them for decorations.

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