Kurage Crisis


Destroying the Druze

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VS Haqqislam

Novyy Cimmeria, Dawn, 2195
Engagement with QK Druze forces
Personal log Sgt. Gabriella Cardoza, USARF

It looks like the fight here on Novyy Cimmeria is coming to a close. We held early on against the combined might of NA2 and Tohaa, while still overrunning the PanO base on multiple occasions. Sadly, it appears that the Tohaa, despite all of our blood, sweat and tears, have overrun our control tower. I don’t understand what caused them to turn on us. Apparently, they perceived some diplomatic slight in the past and have decided to make us suffer for it. With the loss of the tower seemingly assured, high command gave the order to concentrate all forces against PanO. Lafayette could be rebuilt; the structures were temporary in nature. Still, the gut shot that inflicted on morale was brutal. But fight on we have. We were tasked with capturing an enemy comm station and gather intelligence, while planting false intelligence.

We were facing off against some Druze mercenaries hired by Haqqislam. I don’t understand how they can square the circle of their belief in honor with their association with the vilest of mercenaries. Standing orders are the Druze forces are to be killed on sight. This mission needed to be a surgical strike. Thus, we were going in small, with some of the best units USARF could muster. Our left flank was covered by a Blackjack, operated by Cpl. Ferguson, supported by a Spec Ops SSgt by the name of Sarah Collins. Sgt. Rogers had infiltrated forward and prepared to capture and antenna. The center was covered by the Unknown Ranger. My team, led by Lt. Williams, consisted of myself, Sgt. Matthews with has trademark missile launcher, Sgt. Fay, also armed with a missile launcher and Sgt. Thompson, who was acting as a forward observer. In reserve was a skilled airborne ranger, Cpt. Anderson, trained by Van Zant himself, waiting to strike at the most opportune time.

USARF Deployment

In front of us was none other than the bastard Scarface, supported by the oh so faithful sister, Cordelia. There was no way we would let them survive today. They also brought along five Druze to support them. Apparently, a diplomatic incident was desired. These disreputable individuals were supported by a Mobile Brigada, two Nasmats, a Sekban doctor, and an infiltrated Hawwa.

Haqqislam/Druze Deployment

The Druze opened the engagement by striking down, in turn, Sgt Fay, Lt. Williams, and lastly Sgt. Matthews. The enemy then attempted to advance the Hawwa but it was knocked out by SSgt Collins.

Hawwa advance stopped cold by SSgt. Sarah Collins (Rosie).

Reeling from the beating we had just taken, and the loss of our heavy weapons, we attempted to salvage the situation. Cpt. Anderson arrived in the enemy back line, out of sight. He then advanced around a container and managed to eliminate the enemy doctor. Now threatening the Haqq backline and distracting them, Cpl. Ferguson took his chance and opened fire on Scarface. After a furious exchange in which Ferguson was wounded, Scarface was down, riddled with holes from the Blackjacks AP HMG.

Cpt. Anderson (Van Zant) arrives and kills the Doc.
Wounded Cpl. Ferguson eliminates Scarface.

The enemy now struck back. The Mobile Brigada advanced on Cpt. Anderson and with a lucky shot managed to dispatch him. With the threat to their rear ended, the Druze team began to push up the field. As they did so, a Nasmat rushed forward to try to heal Scarface. Sadly for Scarface, it suffered a malfunction and killed him instead. Cpl. Ferguson also obliterated the Nasmat for good measure. As I watched this, I began laughing manically, imagining the shock and horror on the face of Cordelia as she realized what she just did to her brother. Realizing their strongest unit was dead, the Druze team advanced around Sgt. Rogers position, readying for an assault.

Cpt. Anderson is killed by the Mobile Brigada. Damn shock ammo.
Cordelia via Naswa kills her brother, Naswa killed by Ferguson.

Realizing his position was under sever stress, Rogers began deploying mines to stall the Druze forces. The rest of our efforts were spent by Cpl. Ferguson pushing his Blackjack down the flank to engage the Druze link and relieve the pressure on Rogers. As he arrived, he riddled one of the bastards full of holes, leaving him looking like swiss cheese.

Defensive mines.
Druze becomes swiss cheese.

The Druze, seeing the tide of battle begin to turn against them, attempted to salvage the situation. One Druze broke from his team and advanced on Sgt. Rogers, surviving the mine but being shredded by Ferguson’s Blackjack. Another Druze set off the other mine and he too was shot up by Ferguson. One of the two surving Druze troopers advanced to capture the tech coffin, capturing it. The Mobile Brigada advanced on the unguarded antenna, taking a hit from SSgt Collins, but still capturing it. In an attempt to support the Druze at the tech coffin, Cordelia advanced down the center.

Clearing mines with bodies.

This fight was coming down to the wire. It was going to take some major guts to pull it off. Knowing this, I engaged the Druze at the tech coffin, putting two rounds center mass and sending him off to lalaland. This cleared the way for the unknown ranger to advance. As he did so, SSgt Collins realized his position would be too exposed and made a dash to eliminate the Mobile Brigada and Cordelia, hopefully capturing the antenna in the process. Her heroic charge saw her blast a shotgun shell through Cordelia’s guts and, after the second attempt, through the Mobile Brigada’s guts as well. Unfortunately, she did not survive the heroic charge and was torched in the Mobile Brigada’s death spasm fire. With only one Druze standing in his way, he advanced, engaging the Druze and taking a wound. Impervious to the damage sustained, he secured the tech coffin.

Sgt. Cardoza riddles a Druze and clears the way for the Unknown Ranger.
SSgt. Collins sacrifices herself to kill Cordelia and the Mobile Brigada.
His way cleared of all but one Druze, the Unkown Ranger advances to capture the tech coffin.

With only two Druze surviving, the enemy realized the battle was lost and fled. I was disappointed we couldn’t capture and try the criminals but at least we got Scarface. We gained some vengeance for their deprivations.

Hopefully our assault today will help turn the tide in our favor and that our sacrifice will not be in vain. Even if we fail, we have fought well, we have fought hard, and we have shown the rest of the Sphere what it means to be Ariadnan.

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