Kurage Crisis


Nomads Barely Fail to Capture Supplies

VS Nomads

This was a tournament game. https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/5153a6227-norton-mass-july

Novyy Cimmeria, Dawn, 2195
After Action Report, Lafayette Control Tower
Lt. Schaefer, USARF

It seems our successful extraction of the Aleph supplies from under the noses of the Nomads greatly aggravated them. I base this on the fact that they came calling to recover them only a few days later. Fortunately, we were able to limit recovery to one cache, albeit at the cost of heavy casualties.

I set up my Grunt team on the high ground covering the right flank. On the left flank were stationed two Minutemen. An AP HMG and an AP rifle. They were supported by a Marauder sniper. Along the midfield I deployed three Foxtrot FOs and three Hardcases. In addition, I had a Foxtrot sniper stationed on the roof.

USARF Deployment

The Nomads deployed a mixed team of three Securitates and two Grenzers on their left, supported by a Transductor Zond and a Daktari. Their right flank contained Perseus, a Tsyklon, a Zondbot, another Transductor Zond, and an Interventor. In addition, they had a Heckler and a Spektr hidden from view.

Nomad deployment

The attack was opened by PFC Andrews, who eliminated a Transductor Zond, clearing the way for PFC Cooper to engage. She successfully brought down the Tsyklon before moving to engage the Securitate Feuerbach, eliminating him, before being brought low by a Grenzer sniper. The Foxtrots then advanced to secure our supplies. Two of them succeeding while the third failed and was stunned by the remaining Transductor Zond. A specter then revealed itself and pinned down one of the Foxtrots. A Hardcase attempted to engage him and failed miserably.

Andrews takes down a Transductor Zond.
Tsyklon of top left eliminated by PFC Cooper as she eliminates the Feuerbach before going down.

The enemy began their advance, knocking out PFC Andrews with their sniper and losing the remaining Transductor Zond to the bow of a Hardcase, “Reaper”, who revealed himself. Perseus then advanced and tried to engage the leftmost Foxtrot, failing to hit him as he dodged out of the way. He then engaged the Foxtrot to his front and managed to drop him. The Spektr then advanced and entered suppression mode. Pinning the surviving Foxtrot.

The majority of our efforts were spent laying mines and generally trying to create a defensive perimeter to stall the enemy assault. Reaper then advanced and with a single shotgun blast eliminated the Grenzer sniper and another Securitate. He then advanced again and dropped the remaining Grenzer before being brought down by the Spektr.

The rampage of "Reaper"

The enemy being badly depleted, continued to try to advance and eliminate more of my squad. They largely failed in this endeavor but did manage to pin our forces and reduce our ability to act.

With victory looking certain as the enemy had suffered gravely, we began to push our luck. A Foxtrot sniper stood up on the roof he was hiding on and critically damaged Perseus before being critically injured by the surviving Securitate. The Minuteman AP HMG then advanced and eliminated the troublesome Spektr, allowing the Marauder to advance and recover the supplies dropped by the now unconscious Foxtrot. One of my Grunts then attempted to engage the surviving Transductor Zond but was forced into cover. This left our right flank guarded by only a Hardcase. This would later return to haunt us.

Minuteman eliminates annoying Spektr.

The enemy, sensing this opportunity revealed the existence of a Heckler, who then advanced and managed to knock out the defending Hardcase before successfully extracting supplies from the undefended cache. He then advanced around the corner and engaged the Marauder, knocking him unconscious. Having captured one of the supply caches and depriving of us another one, it looked like we had suffered badly to achieve little. Fortunately, our pinned Foxtrot managed to take an opportune moment to secure the enemy HVT that had wondered a little too close. With the enemy HVT secured and one supply cache the enemy was forced to retreat with only one cache and lick their wounds. The Nomads had once again been defeated by the USARF, albeit only by the skin of our teeth. In future, we need to better secure the locations of our supply caches so they cannot be ambushed so easily.

Heckler surprise. He swung the game from a major victory to a minor.

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