Kurage Crisis


Enter the Fray


—DUBAN Prospecting site —

“We really need to keep these pistons moving, war or not,” Engineer Reila was not having it from anyone as she ran a tight facility… “No alien , skin job or in-law will tell me what to do, Duban is under my supervision Captain Larro,,, I’m not shutting her down for even 5 minutes”…

~ “And what about a General who out ranks you Reila?”

“General Husker Odala!” She smiled ,,the excitement in her voice was not contained..Reila was quick to anger but also quick to please making her frustrating at times,,,arguing is usually one sided….except with General Husker Odala.

“Ok General it is amazing that your here but I dont’ believe it’s just to say to little old me,, now tell me what is up?”

~ “I’ve come to tell..well ask you to help me with the Ariadnans Redoubt ..we need your help with the retro fitting ..and you know me I make it known of my valuable resources at my disposal to make new friends! .. Husker smiled wide and tugged at his beard..

“So asking me first.. but telling me as well..meaning if I say no you will order it..” Reila did not end her comment with a sounding question..

“Either way”, Husker dismayed.. “What say you my dear”…

“of course I’ll help ,, i just can’t leave everything like this.. Let me get Fiona to stay..wher..! Just then Husker cut her off..

“I am taking Fiona as well as Tarik with us, we are also going to help them with their current Aleph problem..they are really hammering them right now..I beleive the Aleph Hero is still putting notches into his Spitfire.. “.

” You are so trasparent as Usual Husker…So I’m also to tune up the Guard then am I ? Don’t answer.. She will need a bit of hydraulic support going to and defending that base.. rugged terrain everywhere… Very well, let’s get out of here.”

Husker without a smile and very serious looked at Reila .. “I’m sure you have no idea how grateful we are that you come to aid in Allah’s will .. I cannot thank you enough for not making it difficult to pull rank I will always give you a choice… just so you know Reila ..If you choose not to decide, you still will have made a choice,,”

“there you are on again spitting philosophy into the air.. is that one of yours or is it your 22nd century war mongerror Lethney?”

Husker smiled again..”Actually it’s from the 21st century artists known as RUSH.. those 3 Canadians spread their philosophies through music,, Tarik introduced me to them …. Ok ships’ ready …let;s go see the Ariadnans……… Je pense, donc je suis..”


This was to be my first report so I’m posting this one to show you how i wanted to start the narrative.. In the beginning Husker was attempting to be diplomatic and aid those native to the planet as well as other’s who have studied or understand Humanism.. it’s light but cheerful >> enjoy!

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