Kurage Crisis


0-12 00 A

VS Nomads

Code …. sllllllllll..btttttrrrrrrrrrtt…………..communication comprimised..
“We were able to extract this information before the unkonwn reporter wired this feed through a rougue channel.” =======

“The last Day before Aleph departs from Dawn, something odd , well odd in any normal sense but the trend of the Haqqislamite forces being comprimised has come to a new light. On Zuan Ho Fire base earlier today Bakunin forces were assaulted by an Onslaught of fire power including Tarik Mansuri and the Maghariba Guard.
Unbeknownst to the Tunguskan force fighting another Haqqislam party the same day and time! Reports of Saladin at both startions confirmed something very serious is going on. I’ve been hearing Aleph is at work ..or Combined Army is at fault..truth is.. I beleive ..from my found evidence it is both.. One using the Diplomatic status of Haqqislam to steal and sabotage, the other sepstorizing import soldiers..of………trans…..immorta========———-..bbbbbdddddddddddddddddddddddddd……………………..dddddtttttttt..
Transmission failed,,,,

The Battle:

I’ve been really liking switching over to Limited Insertion lists and with not having much luck with Tarik Mansuri so far I wanted to give him one last chance as my data tracker.

I chose to go first as I wanted to strike the flank of the Bakunin and keep my DA CC weapons alive. The Maghariba new the plan… traverse down the right flank shooting everything in the way. And that’s what she did. I spent most of my orders moving her but my impetuous phase also worked out decently with Zuleyka snuffing out a camo marker and my Ghazi took a mine for the team. Also my Hunzakut extracted a light flame thrower from the Panoplies.
At the end of my turn 1 I had him in loss of lieutenant as Maggie took down the task master who was also the data tracker. Great first turn.

With LOL he started his morlocks toward Maggie.. then using command tokens was able to destroy Maggie with a Physical 16 Morlock!!
His remainder was to take out my Hunzakut !

With Maggie gone my 2nd turn was to see what The Mansuri could do and he lit up the battle field.. going up the left flank he took out a zero, flash pulse bot, lunacod, and a morlock , then put two wounds on the AC unit!

My opponents 2nd turn was putting orders into his new lieutenant ..Brando Castro! He made a dash for my Ac unit and cause a Wound but my engineeer and Saladin’s nanopulsar took care of him.

On my third turn I was 5 orders left but had a Fiday in position to finish off the AC unit successfully.

And after that the game was mine!

7-1 Haqqislam!

The Team!

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