Kurage Crisis


After math of the Aleph Assault

VS Nomads

The after math of the Aleph assault did not thwart Tarik Mansuri’s team from their goal. Hit the firebase at Zuan Huo.
“Those skin jobs are most likely still keeping tabs on the area soldiers!, keep an eye on us Kophax you and Raneeni are our eyes and ears.”
“Sir yes sir!” they replied..
“I will be leaving Halnuli in charge for this mission as I have to meet General Husker at Duban, may Allah’s will see you through to your endeavors.’

“Onward ,,to the fire base at the double!” ,, Halnui bellowed out to his team..it was only 10 kilometers to the base and half way there.. gun fire surrounded them! “Take cover!!!!’ yelled Halnui..

Smoke took over their left and center flank and they saw a great shadow leaping after their scout Fiona.. The party heard her yell then nothing….

“Formation Thunderhead” Halnui..yelled into the com…

Once regrouped ..they realized they were being attacked by Nomads wearing Corregidor symbols..they heard shouts of traitorous pretenders and …sleeve junk..garbage.. etc…

“This ….is…not..good” Halnui bunkered down on the roof outside the fire base… you could see the large structure now as the smoke cleared and it unfortunately was no time for sight seeing…


I really hope you all enjoy this!
I am no expert at stuff like this but I thought I’d put my all into it with limited time and resources I have.. Plus it was my first win so it seems fitting!
My general idea going into this particular bat rep was to tell everything with the pics instead of writing it out.. Of course it took way longer but I promise you a laugh or two!!

cheers everyone!!


Game on !! Corregidor Take first turn.
edit. Click on image for correct spelling of Hunzakut lol.
On the othe side of the field we find Lupe Balboa... This model has my number..i've never been able to take her down...forshadowing??
As much as you want your opponent to fail some rolls,,,sometimes it's just hard to watch!! I'm usually on that end..
Haqqislam turn 1
Turn 2 Corregidor
What an intense game! Thank you Reyvah for hosting and for testing out a new style of table!!!

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