Kurage Crisis


Protectors of Dawn

VS Ariadna

Wow, what a deployment phase we had. My opponent deployed first and rolled for two inferior infiltration grunts which he passed both. I rolled 5 Daylami and didn't hit a single roll. Good thing they have panzerfausts.

Ariadna deployment
The initiative with me, I have a solid game plan that ended up taking more orders than I cared to use. Took 2 orders to remove a grunt and 3 to take out the sniper with the Djanbazan. I used the irregular orders on the Daylamis' to advance. Not the most adequate first turn but got some work done.

Ariadna on the move! Moving up both flanks with Mavericks and Galwegian doing LOTs of damage. Taking out my Djanbazan, Doctor, Hunzakut and revealing my Ayyar!

With my 2nd turn I immediately called down the assault Ragik. Right in behind the Maverick who went into supression. He rolled to change face at -3 and failed. No more suppression! Next order I move the Ragik up and take 4 shots.. With the modifier to change face and the motorcycle.. he rolls a crit..Riiight..Another order on the Ragik finally hits home taking out the Maverik.
In other places.....my fiday tip toes to the corner and lays a strategically placed mine..

with the mine in place my Ragik pops around the corner with Spit fire to force an aro where the mine will trigger! fllllllaaaamm! Takes out the Lieutenant but not Dr Fire axe!

With his 2nd turn in loss of Lieutenant I was pretty confident all my bad rolls were evened out by this. The Ariadnans' proceeded to position themselves for their last turn, and with impressive aptitude.

With my last turn, it's time to get to the tech coffins..no more putting this off! My Farzan was waiting all game for it,, you are up Sebastian..
With my hidden Tuareg and Ayyar working as a team they get the middle objective and set a defensive stance. The Farzan follows suit and tucks in with an objective. 2 Boxes are mine!
And in comes the AD to take out my Farzan!!
A unit he had in camo the entire game and for good reason...Spetznats comes out of hiding to take down my Ayyar carrying the other supply box!! Tie game ..but wait ...or is it..
With a regular and a Lieutenant order left my opponent tags the HVT twice for the classified objective and game. 1-0 Ariadna win on a game where I don't think either of us have ever played a game quite like it. Sweat and tension to the last! My apologies for some salt good sir! Not bad tasting salt just a few swear words... Congratulations to Cameron on the most intense win ever!

-----5 kilometers Outside Aplekton-----
"Holy Mary mother,,,nooo! We can't get a break team! Ariadnans on the offensive agianst Alpeh and we are right in the middle..."
"ahh yes sir they are closing in ..screaming fast sir with Mavericks to boot."
"Dammit , our Daylami don't even have time to get into forward positions. Ok everyone, defensive pattern Delta ! go.....NOW!"
With the Genearl Husker's 15th team positioned for Diplomatic purposes near Aplekton, it has been twice now they were caught in the middle. As devout to the cause as Husker himself they will not falter, they will not flee. Keeping the diplomacy for this means to keep the intel away from the Ariadnans for now. It will be easier to discuss with them the intel in our hands rather then their hot headedness get in the way of peace.
"Well that didn't pan out the best.."
"Not the worst either, luckily they only extracted informaiton on where we were planning our next move, which we can easily remedy..It's almost time to leave, this place has gotten out of hand with the arrival of Aleph.. We need or own info on the ongoing problems with the Saladin rumors.. I will brief the Commander immediately." Get back to the ship and rendevous at Duban."


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  • Svetovid says:

    Ayy, it’s our game! I tried to write up my version but I was away from home and the mobile site wiped it instead of posting it three times. Wamp womp. Thank your for allowing the use of Haqqislam troops in this training excercise!

  • Volgo says:

    Great report, I love the edited pictures a lot! Thank you!

  • Husker says:

    @Ferrecy If you look at my Intro the setting is 5 kilometers outside the base. I was just using the terrain as if it was away from the water and the base in the pic.

  • Geilt says:

    Great report and nice minis – it is ok to loose hwne you learn and get intel on how other armies do it hehe

  • theGricks says:

    FIVE daylami???

  • Ferrecy says:

    Aplekton has been yet terraformed? That looks more alike Bourak… Did we take it? =P
    I like your army list but… maybe there are too much biggies in the first group and one or two regular troops on the 2nd group may allow you to work better
    Better luck the next time!

  • Terrordactyl says:

    @Melchior I’ll endeavor to keep that up for you

  • Very good report. Sorry about the loss. Those last second Hail Marys are back-bŕeaking.

  • Melchior says:

    Nice Report. I really like those muddy rocks too. And there always has to be a lo pan