Kurage Crisis


VideoBatRep: Ojamas Fate / Räuber saufen Blut


MAN of the Game: Zhayedan Lt!

This is more a teaser for the Video, than a full write up

i am running out of time and the Videoediting eate it all. For the updated Video look again at the 26.07.
You can see the Video, but ist only 60% done in Terms of what i can do and it already Show the full game. I will finish it next two days i think. (ist 5:40 24.07. when im writing this^^ )

I hope u all had fun / see you next year!

I played against one of the best JSA Player in my local area and tried some new stuff.
OH Spoiler: i lost … but why and how was this happening? I hope to get some Feedback after you saw the Video.
And yes i´m sry for all the things i did to the english language, but it is not my native language.
My Plan included a very agressive 200p Haqqislam force. Based on Djanbazan HMG, Khawarij Spitfire, Fiday Boardingshotgun and my deadly Zhayedan Breakerrifle.
I added a Barid killerhacker, bacause he is one of my favorite Units. I filled the group with a guhlam docktor, 2 e-mauler guhlams and 2 gazi muttawi.
I lost the initiative and then i tried out my list.
What do you think? Who stopped me winnning this Game? The enemy tactica? The dicegoods? The missbuilded list with only one longrange weapon?
Watch the Video and find out!
If you still prefer reading over watching, pls use the linked report and dont downvote me THX !

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