Kurage Crisis


Cold Land

VS Ariadna

Third and last battle report for the phase one of Kurage Crisis, and for celebrate that, I had some effect on my pictures ! Hope you will enjoy ! (but it is not a victory again)
// Saladin quarter, Duban prospection site // 2h before operation "Cold Land"//
"Sir ? Excuse me for the disruption, but our sensors have detected life forms that precede the storm. HQ is asking for your strategic expertise.
Saladin did not leave his cup of tea with his eyes when he answered :
-Lieutenant, I read this data on my personal network 20 minutes ago. It is too cold for the antipodes, and their pace and their trajectory is far too regular. We are dealing with some marauding plunderers, interested in the contents of our sheds.
Tell the tactical detachment of this prepare, I take the lead, this distraction may allow me to forget the cold ..."
- well sir, right now sir."


The battlefield before the tempest

For this game, I play in limited insertion, not a game format I appreciate, but I deal with it. It take Saladin in Lt for the advantage of strategos. A Fiday for a first strike. My data tracker was Tarik for is extra order and his Spitfire (with fatality L2 he is very effective). A zhayendan in plan B (and his breaker ammo always usefull against Ariadna). Govad VMS 1 against camo spam. 2 Ghulam, one doctor, and one missile launcher, for the order, the heal and ORA. A muyib viral mine and minelayer against mirage 2. Leila for the objective and Ayyar to hold the half ground. My plan is simple : hold the position, activate heating unit, kill his datatracker.

I win the initiative, I deploy first. The ayyar and Leila on the left flank, Muyib, Govad and Saladin on the right flank with Tarik. On the middle, Zhayedan and missile launcher. The fiday on the left flank near camo model.

On the left flank Leila, Ayyar and a Nasmat
On the middle my Zhayedan and my Ghulam Missile Launcher
My Fiday in ambush
Deployment map

Turn 1

: I activate the Fiday to move near is camo marker. I use a smoke grenade to move and use a mine near him.

You can't see me little marker
Move to the corner and drop a smoke grenade
And then put your mine on the floor. Now the camo marker can't move

. I activate Tarik to hunt his 2 infiltrate moblot. With super jump I shoot the first on the bridge. Then Tarik building jump in building and take position to shoot the second moblot, who die after 3 shoot of spitfire.

Die scavenger !
First move of Tarik for shooting the mooblot hide on the bridge
Second move for hunting the moblot in covert behind the odalisq add

Tarik move to shoot the anaconda but he fail and take a Panzerfaust hit but he survived ! He try a second time but the TAG don't want to die... Tarik move in a covert position and use suppressive fire. The Fiday move near the building, unseen by the camo marker.

Security move to prepair the MRRF turn

Marduck turn's. Duroc land in the left flank, total covert by the wall. He do a speculative fire against the fiday and he fall unconscious but the mine resist.

BOUH ! The wolf is here !
And I have a gift for you little red chaperones !
The arrival of Duroc and his first blood

The Anaconda move to kill Tarik. He take two hit and fall unconscious. The Govad try to shoot on the TAG but he miss his shoot. She die in the second blast of the TAG HMG.

First move for the Anaconda : Tarik is down
Second move, the govad fall unconscious and the mine is destoyed

Duroc move in position to prevent my Nasmat to heal my Fiday. The he use a coordinate order to drop mine with his Chasseur and a second order to re-camo everyone.

Look my Lord camo everywhere ! The console are now out of range...
The chasseur cover the console with mine and re-camo
End of the first turn 2-0 for MRRF


I do a coordinate order to shoot the TAG. My missile louancher hit hil but the Zhayedan miss. The Tag take one wound but didn't explode, he his very resistant...

The Ghulam shoot with Zhayedan against the TAG. He take one wound.

Then Leila rush out of covert and take a console. She activate the Heating unit in my deployment zone.

Leila rush to activate the only console out of Chasseur's mine range.
First move of Leila, out of cover

Then I use coordinate order on the Ayyar, the Zhayedan and Leila to take position for the MRRF second turn.

We're in position
The troop move foward to covert our active console

Leila use cybermask and swip in token state. The Zhayedan use suppresive fire.

I'm with you guys ! Speak french too !
End of my second turn

Marduck active Duroc who move and use a Smoke grenade. Then the central chasseur move in direction of Leila token.

Duroc launch is smoke, maybe to prepare the arrival of Margot ?
Duroc and Chasseur move

He try a detection and find Leila. After a short gunfight, Leila fall and the Chasseur run in direction of the Zhayean.

Leila take two hit by the chasseur. The HVT is exposed.
The chasseur approach the Zhayedan.

He goes along the container and prepar is two steps attack. First he drop a mine. In a second time he move out of covert and use all his burst against the Ayyar hide behind the windows.

The chasseur prepair his attack

The Zhayedan use his genetic modification to dodge the mine and take covert behind the container, out of see. The Ayyar miss the Chasseur but have sucess on his armor roll. The Chasseur hide himself behind the container, surprised to be still alive...

Burn invader !!!
The attack of the Chasseur and is fall back.
The battlefield at the end of turn 2

Turn 3

I'm losing this game, I can't suceed to destoy his TAG who is know in total covert... I have activated a Heating unit, but I must protect her to avoid loss in my force. So I move the Ayyar out of the building. I do a detour to avoid flamethrower template.

Firts try for the Ayyar to kill the Chasseur.

The the Ayyar kill (in two order !!!) the Chasseur.

The second try see the death of the Chasseur.

After that I do a coordinate order with the Muyib, the Ayyar, the Zhayedan and the Ghulam missile launcher. They all take position to prevent a TAG outflow.

Muyib with DEP in position
All my troop move to prevent the final assault.

The Ayyar and the Zhayedan switch in suppressive fire.

Let they come !
End of my third turn

Marduck third turn. Margot land with is order in the back of the Ayyar. The kill him with AP bullet, because the Ayyar miss is "Alert" roll.

Margot land in strike position
Mirage 5 Team in action on the field

Bruand try to get out his covert to kill the missile launcher, but she crit and Bruand explode with the bridge (and take two Zhayedan's hit breaker/shock ammo but he is still dead anyway).

Sir ! I have a visual ! I engage !
Target down !
Bruand last move.

So to assure his victory, Marduck use Duroc smoke grenade to covert the move of the Anaconda who take position in the exclusion zone and give 3 points to MRRF camp.

Hide by Duroc smoke the Anaconda sneak in front of the Haqquislam defence.
The last move of the Anaconda

The Snow storm arrived and the Chasseur and Duroc freeze immediately. The Zhayedan who was not in the warm zone, freeze too (but he have is automedikit so he is fine ^^).

Snow storm casualty
Final score

It was a good game, with very strategic opponent (he win the Interplanetario last years :p). The scenario is very specific, but he is a good way to improve my skill in limited insertion. Next time I will use the Fiday more aggressively, and take care of Tarik !


// underground security room 15th floor , Duban prospection site // 4h after operation "Cold Land"//

"- What did they finally steal ?
- A small amount of Teseum loaded in a transport. With the storm they could not go far. We found a good part of the load, their TAG was too damaged to drag all the cargo with him.
- Have you discovered the breach that allowed them to approach?
- Our services are currently conducting their investigation, you will be notified of our first results.
- Saladin led the counterattack and he could not prevent the steal ?
-That's what it seems...
-The cold can be numb but I do not want to leave anything to chance. Increased surveillance discreetly.
-Well sir it will be done according to your order."
At these words the hologram of the old man beneath the mountain vanished and the Farzans came out of the room.

My army for this game
Marduck scavenger force

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  • Nikopano says:

    J’adore les schémas qui permettent de suivre parfaitement la partie!

  • TRA852 says:

    Great report, very clear and detailed. Some nicely painted figures as well. Bad luck on the loss bot a good effort against a tough force.

  • Volgo says:

    Very nice pictures and great report!
    Merci à toi!

  • Imp says:

    @Terrordactyl Yes is that the Marduck who won the interplanetario and it is a real pleasure to play with him ! ^^

  • Marduck says:

    Hé super les photos détaillées et les effets.
    Great battrep

  • Minos says:

    Rapport super détaillé, c’est un plaisir !

  • Husker says:

    Nice looking army!

  • Full Stars and Commendation well earned! This Battle Report was superb! Keep up the great work! And better luck next time.

  • Terrordactyl says:

    Is that the Marduck who won interplanetario? And man I didn’t expect you to make your reports even better all the work you do is amazing

  • Garak says:

    Better luck next time. I guess with most of them dead, the French troops who are left are now possessed by the fury they had during the Hundred Year War.

    Seriously the report is A+.

  • Myomer says:

    Tough loss; those French are vicious. Thank you for another amazing report, and keep up the great work!