Kurage Crisis


Infiltration at Kurage Station

Tanuki Yamada

The infiltration of Kurage Station got off to a heated start, with an exchange of gunfire between the Intruder sniper and the MSV2 Kempeitei, supported by their fireteam and doctor. A lucky shot removed the Nomad sniper cover, and a second took out an advancing Spektr – no camouflaged unit was safe!

The Kriza charged down the centre and countered smoke and cover with extreme weight of fire, shredding the JSA fireteam and just about making it to cover alive while the JSA doctors tended to the wounded. Meanwhile, the Lunokhod took the right flank, taking out a super-jumping Shikami mid-flight with its Heavy Shotgun and seeing off Kitsune with the Heavy Flamethrower.

The JSA had taken control of two of the consoles and the Nomads were on the back foot, somehow unable to get through the Kurage Station’s encryption – and while the line troops were taking the consoles, the Daiyokai and his squad were storming towards the Nomad lines, firing missile after missile at the furious Kriza! However, the plucky Killer Hacker Interventor made a mad dash for one of the side consoles, hastily disguised as a civilian, and managed to get through just in time to force a draw!

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