Kurage Crisis


Operation tethered rock 3

Yu Jing
VS Ariadna


When Zhou's forces reached the 3rd and final transmitter they found and unexpected foe. An Ariadnan spec ops uint was present and also attempting to steal the Yu-Jing intel on the island. Zhou had his orders and that was to prevent the data falling into the hands of others, friend or foe.

Yu-Jing Turn One

Xi Shuang moved into the building near tge center of the field and connected a console while his madtraps set up a Defensive perimeter.

The Su-Jian then scaled the building to shoot at the sapper data tracker on the lower roof.
The Su-Jian's systems were playing up and over 7 bursts of fire it only managed to land a single blow and suffered Two critical hits to key areas in the process.

It dropped prone to avoid any enemy counter attack.

The Su-Jian fails to kill anything for 7 orders.

Merovingion Turn One

The Biscards came down on the left flank and followed a metro that advanced in order to trigger a madtrap, clearing the way for the harris team.

The link was abloe to kill the Celestial Guard hacker and disable the Ruishi, but the link leader was killed by Xi Shuang who was on suppression fire.

The Biscards move up the into the Yu-Jing left flank. The link leader is killed by Xi Shuang.

Yu-Jing Turn Two

The Sophotect used smoke cover provided by the Kuang-Shi controller to approach and fix the Ruishi who then assulted the Biscards. The Paramedic dropped prone after two shots put holes in his jacket.

The Biscard with HRL was able to dodge 6 rounds of fire through smoke before finally being incapacitated by the spitfire.

The Sophotect fixes the Ruishi and it fired through smoke at the Biscards. Taking 6 orders to kill one.

Merovingion Turn Two

The Biscard paramedic tried to heal his comrade but killed him by accident. Hw then tried to take on Xi Shuang but was taken out by the Spec ops.

Over in the centre of the Merovingion line the 112 healed the sapper data tracker beforegoing to activate a console, surviving a madtrap on the way.

Yu-Jing Turn Three

The Su-Jian jumped down to get healed by the Sophotect before connecting the central antenna. He then fell back to a safe space in the zone while the Kuang-Shi link advanced to make the zone of operations as hard as possible to enter.

The Kuang-Shi link moves up to defend the operations zone.

Merovingion Turn Three

The game got messed up here was my opponent switched data trackers witch completely changed then options he had in the final turn there was also some miss counting of points at the end that might have been spotted by me at the time if it had not been for the data tracker switch. That would have made it a win for me either way but just going to call it a draw.

Final edit. Just talked to my opponent about the points mix up. Basically he counted an unconscious paramedic that put his ending points at 104 not 94.

My points were 64 for the Su-Jian and Kuang-Shi plus a 35 point card. Giving me a total of 99.

He agreed about the error so have updated the results

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