Kurage Crisis


Antenna running

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VS Haqqislam

Melchior VS JoButcher
Haqqislam against USARF Strike Force
Haqqislam goes first so all USARF troops try to stay out of sight until they can strike.
Never the less an Inpersonation marker reaches forward to the Grunt Link Team. Before he can throw his smoke grenade to full fill his plans he gets flatfooted by the nearby Foxtrot.
The Maverick did not hide well and got killed throm the distance.

USARF 1) Round:
Marauder Sniper in Fireteam harris gets rid of in suppresion standing Lasiq. The Grunt HMG kills Leila but dies to the mountain terain.
In the mean Time the Foxtrots both can hack one console. The Airborne Ranger attacks from the flank to get to the 3rd quadrant. He can kill one of the Ghazi's but then gets uncosous to the HMG of the TR Bot. To get still control of the 3rd aria Van Zant hides behind a rock

Haqqislam 2) Round:
The Ghazi kills the Foxtrot with his chain rifle but dies to the mine takes in return the Gazi out. Afterwards the Al Fasid gets into sight and tries to kill the Grunt Team with his Grandelauncher but he has no succes in that.

Foxtrot activates the Console next to the Enemy zone and the Maraudersniper takes the TR Bot out
So three quaters stay in the hand of the USARF

Djanbazan HMG attacks the Sniper Marauder but with luck the Marauder does not get hurt and the Djanbazan suffers from the Terain effect.
But through the Al Fasid the luck of the Marauders ends. In numorus Orders one by one he kills the complete Haris team. Not expecting the Grunt Sniper the Al Fasid attacks the storming Minuteman and gets a wound into his side.

With the classified to safe one soldier, the breath 112 storms to the uncousius Ranger and heals him.
The Grunts than take revange for there Marauder team mades and take the Al Fasid out even after he had set him self into smoke thanks to the Granate Launcher LT.

The Strike force before Battle

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