Kurage Crisis


Paying It Forward

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It didn’t take long for the Interventer team to learn where the data went. A Kuge delegate currently held the data that was stolen a few weeks ago. Corregidor leadership put together a large recovery group to get the data back from the Seccessionists.

The Wildcat link team took up a position near some of the storage crates within the base with some support from a couple of Jaguars. Helena of the Wildcat squad climbed to the top of the storage crates they were using for cover to gain some higher ground. “We’ve found our target.” she whispered into the radio to the rest of the group as she got to the top of the crate.

After the rest of the squad took their positions on the battlefield, The Bandit, Yvette, began to approach the 451 building within the base and was able to assume control of the gate. “We have an in.” she informed the team. As she finished her statement, she saw an motorcycle begin to approach her position. She opened the radio back up “We’ve got company!”. Helena quickly had caught the sight of an Husong bot taking aim at her. She turned and fired two rockets in it’s direction, but she was not fast enough and was killed by the machine.

Steven and his Iguana TAG started his way down the right flank of the battlefield to gain better angle on the Husong. As he approached the mid field, his called in to have his Tomcat support squad jump in behind him. Just as they had landed, the roar of a second motorcycle engine. The Iguana’s firewall began throwing up alerts about a potential hacking attempt. “Steven, we see the attacks and we’re on it” Yvette said as she and the Hell Cat hacker, Mira, began their counter measures. “Good night my friend..” Mira waved in the direction of the Iguana as her Oblivion program re-wrote the firmware on the Aragato’s hacking device and comms equipment.

Mira looked up from her console and watched as Steven was hit by a rocket. “Well, not much I can do about that. You okay?” she said to Steven. “Minor damage. Fire suppressant system took care of the biggest problem.” he responded as he turned and unloaded his HMG on the Ryuken-9 who had popped out of camoflague. He then turned to face the Husong and just as he depressed the trigger on his HMG, the second Ryuken-9 came into sight and fired his rocket. It hit Steven in the chest and and set the TAG ablaze. The fire suppressant system failed, causing him to eject from the Iguana. Steven didn’t not hit the ground on his feet however. He lay on the ground unconscious from lack of oxygen and major burns.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s breathing! Just focus on the delegate!” Lt. Cooper screamed into the comms. As they attempted to push forward, a Kuroshi Rider rounded the corner, shooting one of the Jaguars who was covering the Wildcat team. The rider too some gunfire on it’s way in and was ultimately dropped by the Masaai Hunter, Dereon, as it ignited it’s flamethrower, burning the Moran and killing the Wildcat behind him. One of the remaining Jaguars, Diego, then moved to give Dereon some smoke cover as he moved to reconfigured the next 2 closest gates. Once completed set his focus on the delegate while Yvette configured the furthest of the gates on their side of the battlefield.

During this time, the JSA had also configured the gates on their side of the field, netting full control of their side of the battlefield. “Just get to her Dereon and Yvette!” the Wildcat Lieutenant ordered. Just as they moved into position, a smoke grenade hit the ground at the delegate’s feet. “We lost visual!” Yvette responded. The two prepare to engage the new combatant but as the smoke cleared, there stood Saito Togan. “If you value the lives of your friends, I’d leave now” Togan said as he pointed his blade at the two Nomads.

“We’ll be back Togan..” Yvette threatened. “Tell your benefactors that they’ll regret this incident.”

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