Kurage Crisis


One Last Fight at the Kommstat

Kiwi Steve
VS PanOceania

Back at the 'stat!

"Ah, my head." Kiwi groaned as he awoke to find himself in a new body. The process was a little painful and disorientating, particularly given the Nomad's tendency to put him into the wrong body each time. As he sat up, he looked across the room and saw Skillz, the teams Interventor.

"Hey man, about that money I owe you..." Kiwi stoppes realising the Interventor was copying his every move. The reality of the situation hit him as the door swung open.

"Skillz, your teams waiting and ready to go. Come on."

"On my way." Kiwi replied awkwardly, realising he'd have to learn to use a hacking device quickly or he was in big trouble.

Kiwi stood nervously at the battle line feeling like he was way outside his weigh class leading the operation. "What would Skillz do?" He asked himself.

"Um...Moran, Zero, get out there and get the nearest supplies."

"Kriza, push forward, no scratch that. There's a sniper. Go find some cover."

The team followed orders but Kiwi began to feel like they were sensing his nervousness.

The Moran was the first to hit trouble. As the enemy Krakot emerged at the balcony he didn't know whether to dodge or shoot, but opted for the latter. His moment of indecision cost him, as the Krakot shot him with his SMG.

The Kriza hit trouble next. The PanO sniper taking pot shots at range. Crazy Ivan tanked a couple before they got through and put him out of action.

Finally a drop troop emerged on the flank, covering the fallen Moran's supplies.

Trusty Tom to the Rescue

Pinned down and running out of ideas, Kiwi ordered a Transductor Zond to flash pulse the drop trooper, which it did. Suddenly Kiwi noticed a green spec falling from the sky. Despite being much closer to Nomad lines, and earlier than usually Kiwi instantly recognised Tom, the Tomcat.

"Tom, I need you to clear out the flank, can you do that for me?"

"Yessir!" Tom replied, his combi rifle instantly dispatching the blinded trooper.

Tom pressed forward. "Well this is a bit awkward, I can't get through that Auxbot's armour... wait got him now. "

Tom continued up and took out the doctor. "Another one down."

Finally he crept up behind the sniper. "I have you now. "

Tom blasted the sniper 3 times in the back, leaving the sniper lifeless. "Mission accomplished sir."

"Good old Tom," Kiwi thought. "I can always rely on him! "

And then things went horribly wrong

When he looked back, it was hard for Kiwi to recall who broke through first, the TR bot or the Bulleteer. Either way they gunned down the Intruder and the Zero, and despite the Tsyklon's best effort to stop them, broke through to get the objective.

The Daktari had a go at getting the Intruder back on his feet, but he stood up right infront of a shock bullet. As a Swiss guard moved up the flank to secure the Moran's supplies, Kiwi knew he had to do something, but arrived too late to so the heavy infantry. Instead opting to datascan him, hoping to being back some valuable information for Nomad high command.

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