Kurage Crisis



Kiwi Steve

Finding trouble

Kiwi blundered down a dark hallway in the basement of the Johnny 5 Base. He had been told to report to room B-087 to prepare for the next mission. As he descended deeper and deeper into the base through unoccupied corridors he was beginning to wonder if he would ever find his team.

Finally Kiwi found it, B-087, and immediately wondered if he SAS in the wrong place. In front of him stood what appeared to be a dark storeroom. Hesitantly, Kiwi entered and almost immediately the door swung shut behind him. Kiwi panicked and swung his arms wildly, looking for some kind of light switch. As he flailed around, Kiwi lost his footing and fell onto some kind of machine which quickly swallowed him up inside of a dark metal cage.

Meanwhile back at the hanger Skillz and his team prepared to depart for their assault on the Aplekton. "No Kiwi," Skillz observed, looking around the transport. "Your plan must have worked. What did you do with him?"

Kevin the Securitate laughed. "I sent him to storeroom B-087, right at the bottom of the base and locked him in there."

Skillz looked worried, "B-087? Isn't that where they keep the Szalamandras?"

Kevin's face turned deathly pale, "Your right. I hadn't thought about that. Still the lights at all out, there's no way he could find one in there."

A moment later a TAG appeared at the transport. "Guys, I found the TAG you left for me. Looks like we're all set to go." Kiwi said, taking the last seat in the transport.

The Firefight

Due to time restraints not a narrative as usually. Sorry.

Nomads went first and the link team put 2 wounds onto the Marut before it moved into cover. Mary Problems moved towards the left supply and onto a safe spot on the building roof. And the link team started forward toward the middle supply.

The Sophotect tried to bring a yudbot across to repair the Marut, the the Yudbot was shot on the way across. The Sophotect cautious moved closer and repaired it herself.

Marut put 2 wounds onto the Szalamandra who moved into cover. The Marut then retreated to a safe place for the next turn.

The Szalamandra and clockmaker started to move up, while Mary Problems retrieved the left supply. The link team then continued up and took the middle supply and killed a couple of Dakinis and a netrod (who kept passing saves). The securitate/Petraeus team then moved into a building.

Aleph moved up the proxy to capture the right supply and the Marut moved into position and killed the Szalamandra which hadn't found cover in my turn.

The Tsyklon used white noise and support ware to take out the Marut with its feuerbach. Perseus broke out of the link team and moved up to coup de grace the TAG.

Most of the Aleph troops were pinned down by Perseus until the Thorakite could come over and remove him. With only a few orders for their last turn Aleph unable to we capture either of the Nomad's 2 supplies.


"What on earth is Kiwi doing?" Skillz called out as Kiwi ran his TAG out into the open then stopped. Moments later the Marut's HMG cut the Szalamandra down.

"I was buying time for the Securitate fire team and Mary Problems to grab the lion's share of the supplies," Kiwi lied after the battle.

Despite the protests of the Clockmaker who now had a TAG to repair, it was inconclusive whether Kiwi was a hero or a halfwit. Upon review the Nomad high command concluded the latter and decided to promote Kiwi to TAG pilot.

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