Kurage Crisis


It's always darkest before Dawn

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Kiwi Steve
VS Ariadna

Journey to the Aplekton

"Are you certain this is the way to the Aplekton?" Skillz queried again, feeling like the whole area seemed a little unfamiliar.

"Trust me, I was just here yesterday. When have I ever put you wrong in the past?" Kiwi replied from his position inside the recently repaired Szalamandra.

"I see something up ahead." Keith the Securitate advised.

"Aleph?" asked Skillz hopefully.

"They look like Caledonians sir." Keith responded.

"You idiot, you've brought us to Lafayette!" Skillz yelled at Kiwi.

"It's not Lafayette," Keith responded, "There's no airfield."

Ready to strike

"Wallace we're in position." a SAS called out, leaving William Wallace relieved his team had decided to all show up on time this week. "PanO will never see us coming."

Just then a TAG carved through the Ariadna line, it's first victim a photographer before it turned it's sights onto an SAS, several volunteers, then a trio of Highlander Galweigian rifles.

With the line in disarray, Wallace called out" How did they know we were coming? We must have a mole!"

"Sir, that's a Szalamandra, this isn't PanO! It's those same Nomads that keep showing up!"

Wallace's eyes narrowed. "Kiwi, my arch nemesis..."

He would have continued, but a heavy flamethrower from the TAG blasted dangerously close and the recreation wisely ducked into the nearby building.

Hollow results

"Caledonians again? Could this day get any worse?" moaned Marvin, who's debt to Tunguska had recently resulted in him begin transfered to a metal body.

Marvin began to walk forward, towards a SAS in the midfield, firing his Multi Rifle. The SAS and a nearby Grey fired back, disabling the Hollow man."Well, at least it's over now," said Marvin, his voice showing an almost indiscernable increase in the level of optimism.

From atop one of the buildings Sally he Securitate fired her sniper rifle at the Grey, but the Caledonian proved more accurate and the first Securitate fell unconscious.

TAG you're it

One of the remaining Galweigan saw the TAG and quickly crossed the battlefield towards it, the sight of it bringing dreams of glory. Covered by smoke, the Highlander charged and cut through the heavy metal body of the TAG, sending it crashing to the ground. A second blow of the sword ended any dreams the teams mechanic might have had of fixing the behemoth.

With the TAG down, the Caledonians wasted no time moving up to the objectives and activating two consoles. The remaining two Highlander Galweigan closed in the Nomad position, desperate to stop any further repairs to the Nomad forces.

Get yourself out of this one

Despite heavy losses, the Nomads put together a coordinated strike, trading soldiers with the Caledonians as the Highlanders advanced.

When he saw a gap, the Clock maker sent his Zondbot over and repaired Marvin. "get back in there Hollow man" he called out.

"Thanks for nothing," Marvin replied grimly. He stood up and fired taking down another Highlander, before Wallace cut him down with another shot. "it just keeps hurting." Marvin groaned.

The Spektre saw an opportunity and revealed near an objective, killing another Highlander before taking control of the console. From a rooftop above, Uxia McNeill stood, only to be gunned down and blasted apart by the skirmisher and his mine.

I will get back up again

The Clockmaker again repaired Marvin; moments before Wallace ran from the building towards the main objective. "What's the point in shooting, I'll probably miss."

Marvin fired at Wallace with suppressive fire, but his bullets all went astray. Wallace moved up and secured the main objective.


As the battle ended, Kiwi made his way back to Johnny 5.

When he got there he was apprehended by Nomad Moderators. Charges against him included:
Falling asleep during a mission.
Negligence resulting in the destruction of 2 Szalamandra Tags, 1 Kriza Boracs armour suit, 1 Hollow Man armour suit, several Crazy Koala, getting lost on the way to Dawn Aplekton.

During investigation, Nomads were unable to find any record of Kiwi prior to a month earlier, when the repurposed freighter, Dong Peyote picked up a hitch hiker on its way to Dawn.

Upon further investigation, the Nomad High Command discovered that startlingly, missions which Kiwi was involved in more often than not went the Nomad's way, often due to the influence of Kiwi .

Historians would argue whether Kiwi was a hero of the Nomad nation or a halfwit who bumbled his way through a warzone and get incredibly lucky on multiple occassions. Ultimately the Nomad High Command was unable to decide, so they decided that banishment was the only suitable punishment.

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