Kurage Crisis


Chicken Run

Koldinuk Bureaucrat
VS Nomads
Blizzard Puffin

A One Artichoke Show

Kaeltar: “The Captain has arrived sir!”

Commander: “Good show him in and send for the Hero.”

Commander: “Welcome Captain you’ve arrived on the eve of a great success would you like a glass of my finest ”

Captain:”No thanks let’s get onto business, What have you to report of these new Chickbiotes?

Commander: “Well two main things the first is the “feather” part of the Chickbiote seems to have great insulation properties and is most likely how the’ve survived in the blizzard and mountain terrain out here. The second is they make great fashion statements and provide a whole new flare to our designs.”

Captain: *Sigh*, “We’ve told you before the fashion of our fleet is of no importance and further research into was denied. The insulation properties might however be useful...are they at all fire resistance? ”

Commander: No more than than out normal suits though I suppose they hold more water in these types of weather conditions and thus have some storage use.”

Captain: “Well that’s just not good enough, we’re pulling your unit out of here as you’ve spent any resources and troops on this endeavor.

Commander: “.but my new cloak..”

Captain: “Enough. Begin decamp and be ready to be out of here in three hours.

Commander: “Yes...Sir”
*Commander leaves Hero Enters*

Rasail Hero: “Good day Sir, I believe the Commander wanted me to give you a run down of my last mission, is that still the case?

Captain: “No need, I’ve already heard about your deeds, sit down and we’ll enjoy some of your commanders drink while the camp begins to pack up.

Many camo Troop try to ready vs what is about to come.

Deployment: Tohaa Win Roll and choose to deploy second. Nomads choose to go first.
Rasail is Data tracker and classified of Experimental Drug.

Nomads Turn 1 - Given the open terrain the nomads cautious move forwards and try a few pot shots with spec fire with near on impossible odds and failing to hit or to wound.

Tohaa Turn 1 - Krakot Runs down the left side and the Rasail follows him as back up.
Getting near the corner the sudden arrival of a TO nomad pops into existence and drop a mine just as he gets a viral combi in the face.
The Krakot feeling brave decides to try and tank it and discover the camoed trooper around his corner, both himself and the Rassail who was also caught in the blast shrug off the effect.
The Peripheral of the Rasail intuitively tries to flame the two camo troops and the both dodge well given the blizzard. However they are revealed and Rasail then in his next order puddles the one that dodged into his vision The Peripheral missed the puddle but caught the other on fire.
With still have an order pool left the Rasail continues his march forwards and puddles two more troops with his viral combi dodging both the glue and bullets shot at him. The Peripheral dies to a lone shot from a guy near a tanker. The Krakot takes revenge on this guy but dies in the process.

Nomads Turn 2 - Having lost a lot of their forces (apparently 3 of a retreat) most troops once again reposition to defend the Chick and one takes a wound off the Rasail.

Tohaa Turn 2 - The Rasail feeling upper brave just legs it to the Chick. Taking shot from a few guys and having to Sacrifice his Symbiomate. Then in a 1 on 1 shootout with the other data tracker. He loses his armour and nano shield while in contact with the chick....With one more shot his puddles the other data tracker and picks up the chick. With the remaining 7 orders he runs and cautious moves all the way back to his deployment zone.

Nomads Turn 3 - Entering Retreat. As a Last ditch effort a trooper walks on the edge of the board and walks calmly to a position to shoot the Rasail with his last wound.
He would have hit...but the Rasail is on form today and shoots first puddling yet another Nomad trooper.

Tohaa Turn 3 - None Enemy retreated,

End score 8-0

Long order route to safety
A Chick in the Home Zone!

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