Kurage Crisis



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VS Haqqislam

Order: 22072018
Status… Pending
Training No.02

Incident Description:

Hector, Lieutenant unit 985,

Even if the Conflict called by the media as the Kurage Crisis was starting to fade behind but not disappear, the constant threat and the imminent establishment of nonhuman life in the planet, urged to double up the defense tactics of the 012 armies. The JaqqIslam – ALEPH program of planetary defense would continue but now it would move forward to the next level. First of all, it would move from a secure location to a more threaten one, so the assigned forces of the two armies arrived one early morning to a small controlled area near the Zhàn Huó Firebase. The focus of the exercise was the defensive deployment in long range engagements.


ALEPH forces widely established units with long range units in each flank. Additionally, the exercise forced the units to gather supplies so movement was imperative and the “battle” had more dynamism. As planned the JaqqIslam Army moved into a completely defensive position and deployed a fire team completely to defend. The exercises began with the scheduled units to engage in long range combat.


- Atalanta, was on the center of the battlefield when she started shooting against two remotes. Both attacks where successful as Atalanta had better range, the enemy was playing with the pray & spray tactics that most of the times proves economic without sacrificing too much quality. The bullets come quite close against the Agema`s Sniper but she eventually hit both remotes, finishing one and rendering almost useless another one. Then she moved to end the first defensive unit of the JaqqIslam fireteam, that units had a Missile Launcher. Two Missiles against two Sniper Shots, Atalanta had better aim but still one missile managed to hit her and finish her. Then Phoenix moved forward and fired against the same unit. Three Rocket Launchers vs two missiles in almost equal possibilities, but one again one missile managed to hit the Myrmidon officer. After that the exercise was almost complete, JaqqIslam had managed to win long ranged encounters that would define the control of the board. Hector moved within cover, but was isolated by a Hacker hiding, typical JaqqIslam tricks. A remote was repaired and it moved to fire upon a Torakitai with a Feuerbach that didn’t have a chance. Finally, an enemy specialist freely moved and managed to get one of the targets.

ACT 2: Rough Stand

- JaqqIslam had the complete control over the map and so ALEPH units, continued with the exercise, proceed to push into the objectives. Scylla moved forward, managed to kill the Jaqqlslam unit with the objective on the left side of the training camp. Then she placed herself guarding the objective so she would be one more hurdle to get the target. After that one Myrmidon punched and finished the remote that was repaired in order to force the enemy to do not feel Successful until the exercise was done. After that the Jaqqislam Paratroopers fall down into the rear of the remaining Torakitai units, the fight was brief but hard. At the end one Paratrooper was taken as quick as he fell down but the two remaining Torakitai also where left out.


- The end was swift, this unit moved forward and contest against the enemy Missile launcher, knowing that it was almost a secure loss, but not trying was absolute. At the end the Missile Launcher won again the firefight. The remaining ALEPH units moved forward and put themselves in places where the enemy had to take the risk to deal with them or reach the objective under fire. The JaqqIslam forces tried the second and where successful a they managed to find one blind sight in almost all their movement to gather the objectives.


- The exercise proved that the JaqqIslam army had a lucky, but superb defense, still with range to reach perfection but never the less, the DEFEAT of the ALEPH long ranged forces managed to give an easy practice of the secondary goal of this exercise.

Hector, Lieutenant unit 985,
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