Kurage Crisis


Keep Your Eye on The Target

VS Yu Jing
Ground Penguin

I won the roll off for initiative and took first turn.
I set up my troops and deployed several troops in the enemies half half of the table using infiltration. A Volunteer failed and another passed the roll and the same result for my 2 scouts. Uxia aced it and I set her up out of camo in the prone position so that she can be my datatracker

Turn 1
I used my 3 extra irregular orders of my irmandinos to charge forward and drop smoke. Then I used Uxia to idle and drop a smoke at her feet .
Next I spent a command token to co-ordinated order the X2 camo tokens and uxia into the smoke and up to the console. I spent another so that they were all in base contact. And I spent a third to CC the AC unit with Uxia in smoke (giving her a burst of 3 to attack with). All three his so the AC unit had to make x9 saves againgst the AP/exp of the D-charges.

With 7 fails I had successfully destroyed the unit and with my datatracker too within my first turn.

I had laid a pretty nasty series of aro templates (flamethrowers, mines, shotguns and chain rifles) around my ac unit and its approach, so I was happy that my defence was strong.

Now all I had to do was push a select few troops forward and kill as much as I could to end the game or die quickly and force myself into retreat.

Turn 2
My opponent came back swinging and started to kill alot of my troops. My Alpha strike team were wiped out along with several of my big guns. So it was now left to force myself into retreat but maintain a strong defencive line and all the while baiting my opponent into further combat without claiming objectives

My opponent used smoke/hmg+msv2 shananigans to gross effect and his fireteam to butcher my troops

Turn 3
My plan worked and I was placed into retreat. I choose not to activate and therefore ending the game.


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