Kurage Crisis


Second Contact


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For this Mission, the players opened to use FROSTBTYE mission. The mission Includes Exclusion Zone, Limited Insertion, Killer Cold, Dead Zone, Secure Exclusion Zone, Heating Units, Consoles, Connect a Console, Killing, Specialist Troops, DataTracker Special Order.

Jaguar Wolves

Forces on both sides:

Jaguar Wolves JSA
Jaguar Wolves:

Models in display, open information

JSA Force:

Models in display, open information

FROSTBYTE: Gaming Area

Console Heating

Consoles set across the board

Heating Units seen in a vertical pattern

Turn One

Nomad One Jsa One
Jaguar Wolves:
Bad start for the Nomad player. The Tysklon drone was upgrade with assisting fire and move it foward. An unlucky roll against the JSA player got the REM down. The Nomad player did not have any Engineer… doubr trouble.

JSA Force:
In JSA turn one, the JSA player managed to take the first console using his data tracker.

Turn Two

Console Heating
Jaguar Wolves:
An advance in an attempt to capture one of the consoles.

JSA Force:
The JSA player moves models around to give them line of sight for AROs. Moreover, he captures the second console.

Turn Three

Console Heating
Jaguar Wolves:
The Nomad player captures one of the console.

JSA Force:
The JSA player manages to shoot down the Jaguar link using the Karakuri Bot.

Victory by points to the JSA player

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