Kurage Crisis


Third Game Nomads Vs JSA: A party at the expense of Aleph


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For this Mission, the players opened to use KASERNE mission instead of Aleph mission. The mission Includes Safe Access, Blizzard, Sections, Dominate ZO, Comsoles, Control Consoles, SPecialist Troops, DataTracker, INTELCOM card

Jaguar Wolves

Turn One

Nomad One Jsa One
Jaguar Wolves:
Bad start for the Nomad player. The Tysklon drone was upgrade with assisting fire and move it foward…Again. However, the Tysklon give some hard time to the JSA player making it the model to kill for the game.

JSA Force:
In JSA turn one, the JSA player took initial; started first and opted to try to kill the Tysklon. The Tysklon resisted, fought and had its first kill of the game!
Plus the JSA won the role at the beginning of the game selecing the INTELCOM card.(LUCK!)
Toremark the Karakuri was left in the right position for suppresive fire.

Turn Two

Console Heating
Jaguar Wolves:
An advance for the Jaguar linked with with Deadpool serving as a Datatracker.The Rest of the Agualices were set in suppressive mode.

JSA Force:
The JSA player got some luck and used the cover by one of the smoke grenades to move one of its models near the console.

Turn Three

Console Heating
Jaguar Wolves:
Without Lieutenant and some few last attempts to save the game was not enough.

JSA Force:
The only decent kill of the game of the JSA player. He killed the Lieutenant Alguacil.

Victory by points to the JSA player ( and by and increadible amount of luck)

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  • shinobi says:

    true if you did not loose the Lieutenant it could have ended differently doe you should have left him behind a wall not in LOS of my Saito Togan ;)… Still it was a good game as always

  • Linuxnavigator says:

    Yes loss of LT is a bummer. I played the same army list, overall played quite well. However, this last issue be fatal though.

  • Kiwi Steve says:

    Nice report

  • PhantomAI2 says:

    Nice report style Bromad.

  • Omx8 says:

    Really like the report layout! Better luck next time, fellow Bromad!

  • Del S says:

    Good effort. Loss of LT can be brutal in the final turn.

    Hope you’ll be back with the Bromad nation next time 🙂